Beginning of work

Welcome to the API documentation section On this page you will find the information you need to get started quickly with our API.


Some requests are available without authorization, others require your personal access token.
You can get the token on the page Receiving a token. You must be registered and logged in as "Transport Owner" on to see your access token.
The token must be passed as a Bearer token token in the Authorization header. For example, Authorization: Bearer 1111111:AAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Examples of requests and responses can be found in each section of the method you need or in the postman collection at the link below.

Postman Collection

We have compiled a collection that includes all of our APIs in the postman collection. You can try working with the API directly in the browser or in the postman application using the button below.
For the collection to work, you will need to register your token on the Authorization tab and user_id on the Variables tab in the collection settings

Run in Postman