How to measure a Carry-On bag? Luggage size guide for travel

How to measure a Carry-On bag? Luggage size guide for travel

The hotel is booked, tickets are printed and you can’t wait to fasten your seatbelt on the plane and order the champagne before the flight? Though the vacation countdown is almost over, you have to make sure that your luggage fits well to avoid unpleasant moments at the airport. You need no stress before the trip, right? 

So before you hit the road with bag-fee-free, check the size of your carry-on bag and find out if it meets airline requirements. 

What size is carry-on luggage?

Most airlines have standardized regulations for luggage, nevertheless, requirements for the carry-on bag may vary. Most airlines let you take on the plane one bag that measures 55 to 50 cm (22 to 24 inches) high, 35 to 43 cm (14 to 17 inches) across, and 9 or 10 inches deep. Necessarily visit your airline's website to figure out its particular size requirements.

Keep in mind that some of the airlines also have regulations for baggage weight. Usually, it's limited to 10 kg, but we've never been asked to weigh the Carry-On bag. If your bag doesn't look overstuffed, you're probably not going to be asked to weigh it. Weight is really important for small planes due to safety rules.

How do airlines measure checked baggage?

Do they have a ruler on the registration table? Of course, no. Airlines check the bag size by special sizer — a metal tubing frame. You have to place your luggage inside and see if it fits. So if your carry-on bag is oversized, no amount of talking and begging will help to avoid extra pay.

Do the wheels count when measuring luggage?

Yes, wheels do count when measuring your baggage. It automatically makes your wheeler case about 5 cm bigger in high. Airlines measure the luggage with wheels, handles, and other protruding parts. Luggage manufacturers know that and measure cases without wheels to make you buy the bigger one. Don't relate to this statement and check the size by yourself. Life-hack for travelers: the case with two recessed wheels sizes smaller than the case with four protruding wheels.

What Are Linear Inches?

Some airlines will list their luggage carry-on size limits or checked luggage size limits in something called linear inches. Linear means "in a straight line". This means managers don't take into account the exact shape of your suitcase and measure height, width, and depth in the straight line. So if you want to measure a duffel bag for carry-on, don't try to apply the ruler along with the entire shape of the bag. Just find the edge points and check the width between them.

How to measure luggage size at home?

Place the bag on the floor or table and measure the height including the wheels and handle. For measuring the width, find two widest points. Do the same for the depth. You may watch the video to ensure that you do the measure in the right way.

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