What do I need to book a car on the site?

Choose the model you need from our website or leave a request for a personally selected car.

What documents do I need to rent a car?
  • A passport

  • A local or international driving licence, depending on where you're renting

The owner also has the right to request a picture of you with your driving licence.

What is NOT included in the vehicle price shown on the website?

Costs for fuel, parking, and any other additional services the owner may offer. For example, delivery/return of the vehicle, child seats or additional insurance.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay 15% of the rental cost by card on the site and 85% directly to the owner when you receive the vehicle. The second option is to deposit the full amount at once and pay for rental 100% by card on the website if the owner marked this option as available.

What deposit do I need to pay before the rental period begins?

You can read about whether a deposit is needed and how much it is when choosing the car on the website. The deposit is paid separately when an agreement is entered into with the owner when you receive the car.

How long will it be until the deposit is returned? Will it be the full amount?

The total sum will be returned to your card usually within two weeks on the condition that the car is fully clean and filled up with fuel, otherwise the vehicle owner will retain part of the deposit for these services.

Additionally, the owner may deduct some of the deposit for:

  • breaking road traffic laws

  • being involved in a road traffic accident

  • late return of the vehicle

  • exceeding the maximum mileage specified in the Offer

  • or in any other cases specified in the Offer or by the Vehicle Owner

How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel your booking, send an email containing your booking number to info@getrentacar.com

Booking can be cancelled at no cost no less than 24 hours before the rental period begins, otherwise a non-refundable rate applies

What do I do if I need a child seat?

When choosing a car to book, you can message a manager using our online chat and they will find out whether the owner has a child seat. You can also specify this in the comment field when leaving a request for a personally selected car.

Can I leave the country or region in a rental car?

Yes, if the vehicle owner agrees.

I can't log into my account, what do I do?

Don't worry. First, try to reset your password on the login page. If resetting your password doesn't help, then contact us on our chat service or call one of these numbers.

Russia: 8 800 302 81 12
USA: +1 302 213 8330
UK: +44 752 064 1677

We'll do our best to help you.

Do I need to upload my documents to the website?

Yes, uploading the required documents is a required condition to rent out a vehicle.

What do I do if I don't get an email confirming my registration?

No worries, it could have just gone into your spam folder. If it's nowhere to be found, send us an email at owner@getrentacar.com.

How are rental prices set?

The cost of renting a vehicle is set by the vehicle owner.

How do I add a car to the site?

You can find a full set of instructions in our manual (link).

How can a client pay for a rental vehicle?

The client can make a 15% prepayment when booking, thereby paying our commission. You'll receive the rest of the money when the vehicle is handed over. The second option is for the client to make a 100% prepayment when booking on the site, in this case you'll receive the money before the 5th day of the month following the end of the rental period.

What booking types are there?

The client can book a vehicle in two ways:

1. On the website

After booking, you'll receive an email stating that your vehicle has been booked and it will also contain the client's information. Then you will need to contact the client to clarify order details and receive their confirmation. Our managers will also contact you to clarify booking information. For convenience we recommend you have a calendar showing when your vehicle is available.

2. By leaving a request for a personally selected vehicle

The client may leave a request for a vehicle to be selected for them, which will be shown in your dashboard in the "Request" section. You can respond to the request, and we will put our offer on your dashboard. If the client is interested in your offer, they can book the vehicle that you have offered, and you will receive a booking confirmation by email.