Lamborghini Huracán

Lamborghini Huracán 2019

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2 Seats
2 Bags
Petrol 5.2 l
11.9 l

Rental terms

Security deposit
Security deposit Fully refundable
Payment method:
US$ 2 000
Maximum mileage per day
Maximum mileage per day
Additional distance fee
Additional distance fee
US$ 1 for
Extra usage day charge
Extra usage day charge
US$ 2 035 per day
Minimum driver age
Minimum driver age
21 years old
Minimum required driving experience
Minimum required driving experience
3 years
Fuel policy
Fuel policy
Same to Same
Minimum rental period
Minimum rental period
1 day


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Protection plans
Add optional Protection plan to your trip at checkout

Third party insurance (TPL)


Full insurance

Not available


Security Deposit:
Carefree Lifestyle requires all of our renters to leave a $2500-$5000 security deposit on our vehicles for incidentals. If any damage is found on the vehicle it will be billed against the deposit. We offer both cash and credit card options for the security deposit. Cash is left safely with us and the credit card is run as an “Authorization, not a charge. Customers may leave the deposit on their Discover, Mastercard, Visa or American Express Credit Card.

Carefree Lifestyle requires renters to carry some form of insurance in the event an accident occurs while one of our vehicles is in their possession. The most frequently used option is if you have an insurance policy on a vehicle that you lease or own. We will simply call to verify the insurance is active and is transferable to a rental vehicle.

Carefree Lifestyle requires it’s customers to own and carry full coverage driver insurance to rent one of our vehicles (collision, comprehensive and liability) in most scenarios.

A secondary option is if you have an American Express (AMEX) card. AMEX offers a “Premium Car Rental Protection” program which provides coverage for your Carefree Lifestyle exotic car rental or luxury car rental. This may also be used as an additional layer of protection for renter’s who also have full coverage driver insurance.

Rental Requirements/Age Limits:
All of our renters must be age 21 or older and have a clean driving record to rent one of our vehicles. Unfortunately, Carefree Lifestyle does not rent vehicles to drivers under the age of **.

International Renters:
Carefree Lifestyle works daily with international renters as long as they can provide a valid drivers license and passport from their home country. Insurance coverage can be arranged for international drivers renting Carefree Vehicles. Please also note in some cases a larger security deposit will be collected to ensure any incidentals will be covered on our vehicles.

Carefree Lifestyle gives our customers the option to pickup the car at our showroom locations or have it delivered directly to your front door, hotel, office, airport etc. Delivery charges vary based on distance but traditionally are not a significant fee at all. We also have no problem providing storage for your personal vehicle while you enjoy one of our luxury and exotic car rentals at no additional charge.

Note: Our deliveries will usually run on time but please give us a two hour window as we are an extremely busy company!

Additional Drivers:
Carefree Lifestyle allows our renters to list additional driver’s on their rental agreement at no additional charge to the renter. However, we must receive a copy of drivers license prior to the rental. Additional drivers will still be subject to the age limit restrictions.

Return Procedure:
Carefree Lifestyle is not flexible with rental return times. In other words, if a vehicle needs to be returned at 2:00 p.m it must be returned within that time period. We allow a one hour delivery window which once exceeded could bring additional rental fees and charges. This is simply because our vehicles are in high demand and are often booked within a couple hours of each other.

Cancellation Policy:
Full payment is due once a reservation for a vehicle is made with Carefree Lifestyle. As our company is in high demand all year round we have a limited supply of vehicles to offer. Carefree Lifestyle offers a 24 hour grace period to make alterations or cancel your reservation (unless within 7 days), after which you will be charged in full for your reservation. This same cancellation policy applies for the 7 days before your rental as well.

Payment Methods:
Carefree Lifestyle accepts all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover). We also accept cash which can be pre-arranged and dropped off in person at any of our showroom locations in Miami, Los Angeles or New York.

Carefree Lifestyle does not offer refunds on our luxury rentals. However, we understand you can’t predict the weather or unexpected events and in some special scenarios may offer you a credit at our location.

Our renters are held responsible for any speeding, parking, traffic or any other tickets/violations that are issued while using the vehicle. Renter is also responsible for any impound costs, towing costs, penalties and fees.

Carefree Lifestyle daily and weekend rentals include anywhere from **-*** complimentary miles per day depending on the class of our vehicle. High end Luxury Car Rentals such as Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley, Lamborghini etc are 50 complimentary miles. Lower end vehicles such as Chevrolet, Cadillac, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes etc. are 100 complimentary miles per day. Carefree Lifestyle also offers Mileage packages on our exotic car rentals which can be spoken about when you call any of our Lifestyle Account Managers


USB adapter
USB adapter
Sound system
Sound system
Air conditioner
Air conditioner
Parking sensors
Parking sensors

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Questions and answers

What documents do I need to rent a car?
  • A passport

  • A local or international driving licence, depending on where you're renting

The owner also has the right to request a picture of you with your driving licence.

What is NOT included in the vehicle price shown on the website?

Costs for fuel, parking, and any other additional services the owner may offer. For example, delivery/return of the vehicle, child seats or additional insurance.

What do I do if I need a child seat?

When choosing a car to book, you can message a manager using our online chat and they will find out whether the owner has a child seat. You can also specify this in the comment field when leaving a request for a personally selected car.

Can I leave the country or region in a rental car?

Yes, if the vehicle owner agrees.