Where to go by car in Turkey?

Where to go by car in Turkey?

Turkey borders 13 countries and is washed by 4 seas. Good location, pleasant climate and low prices-all this has made it one of the most favorite tourist countries. Due to the small area, it is possible to visit a large number of attractions and cities in a short period of time, since they are located close to each other.

What to see in Turkey?

When you arrive in Turkey, you are faced with the task of choosing a route. The best option is Istanbul-Balikesir-Bergama - ayvalyk-Gemlik-Istanbul. Thus, you will spend a minimum amount of time and money to visit these cities, but you will have time to see many attractions.

Quite popular with tourists autotrophy in Cappadocia. The region is known for its volcanic landscape with deep canyons and cave monasteries. Here is the Goreme national Park, which is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

From Cappadocia, many people go to the Mediterranean sea to spend a few days on the beach. Antalya, Alanya, side and Kemer are tourist centers with well-developed infrastructure. In these cities, you can find a lot of entertainment for the inexperienced tourist.

Most travelers make routes around Ankara to avoid traffic jams. From the capital to the southern coast of the Black sea is another 300 km, which is approximately 4 hours away.

The city of Anamur is the southernmost point of mainland Turkey, its "banana" capital. This is a fairly large locality surrounded by mountains, with huge greenhouses and plantations with banana palms.

In General, there are many places in Turkey that you can visit by car. This is a good enough option for traveling, since the driver himself plots the route to the place that he would like to visit. Roadtrips are more intense and interesting than a normal bus ride. By car, you can see a lot more places in one day, see a huge number of attractions at a time and get to places where public transport does not go.

The best car for tourism in Turkey

Each traveler chooses for himself what is more important to him in the vehicle. One will consider that the main thing-it is passability, so that you can easily travel on any terrain, overcome all obstacles and do not limit yourself in anything; for others, the capacity of the car is important. In our list, you will find a list of cars that are perfect for traveling by car in Turkey.

  1. 1 Peugeot 301-budget sedan. The French call it modèle conquérant (French for "model conqueror"). The design looks simple, without excess. It is this minimalism that attracts the eyes of the model. This is an ideal option for the city, as the fuel consumption is minimal.

€21 per day

  1. 2 Renault Megane-hatchback with sporty design elements. Side pockets-roomy, there are blinds on the rear Windows, lighting in each door. The car is comfortable, easy handling. As a result, the car turned out to be very interesting. We recommend this model for family trips and for those who like a comfortable and quiet ride.

€22 per day

  1. 3 Practical and reliable crossover - Renault Dacia Duster - the best-selling car designed for people with average income. The interior is nice and modern, with almost no "budget notes". Keyless access, a full-fledged "climate", all-round cameras - and other modern "chips".

€22 per day

  1. 4 Peugeot 3008 equipped with a large number of technologies for driving assistance, which improve security. The extreme automatic braking system allows you to always feel completely safe, and "Magic Flat" creates an individual interior space for you. The crossover received an award in the category "European car of the year" due to its excellent interior design and rich equipment.

€43 per day

  1. 5 Peugeot Traveller-a minibus with all-wheel drive will give you even more pleasure from stability and safety at the wheel while traveling. This model is equipped with metal protection of the crankcase and transmission from the factory. The basic configuration includes a driver fatigue monitoring system. A very good option for traveling with a large family.

€46 per day

What do I need to know before traveling in Turkey?

Before you go abroad, you need to prepare your documents so that you can later rent a car or motorcycle. To do this, you need the following documents:

* Passport;

* Driver's license.

In the Republic of Turkey, there are high fines for motorists who do not follow the rules. The most common violations are speeding and Parking in the wrong place. The speed in the city should not exceed 50 km/h, and on country roads with two way traffic - 90 km/h. There is also a penalty in the form of a fine for the lack of rights and a seat belt, while driving the vehicle. You should not get behind the wheel while drunk, and if you did, and the police officer stopped you,then you should not refuse to check the breathalyzer. The fine can grow from 1002 TL (if you were stopped for the first time) up to 2018 TL. The fine for a phone while driving is 235 TL.If you pay a fine within 15 days of its arrival at your address, a 25% discount applies.

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