When do I need to change my car?

When do I need to change my car?

Should I change my car after three years? How often do you change your car? Or are you still driving the first one? There is a common opinion among car owners that the vehicle should be changed every three years.

Several reasons why motorists decide to part with their car:


The necessary maintenance accompanies the car from the first day of purchase. If we are talking about replacing belts, worn tires, repairing oversized parts, then the car will last for a long time. The appearance of rust, problems with the suspension, permanent engine failure — irreversible aging of equipment, it is worth preparing for sale, until the repair is even more expensive.


At first, drivers use the services provided by an official dealer under warranty. This is free of charge, and you can be sure of the quality of the service: replacing oil and some wear materials. For the first 2-3 years, the owners passing maintenance in the salon, and then get rid of it: they resell it or sell it to a trade-in. However, at the dealership, you can extend the warranty service for an additional fee and continue driving without fear of damage.


Technology in the automotive industry is a machine evolution designed to continuously improve the quality of products produced. Therefore, new cars use the latest technical developments. So the late-build model consumes less gasoline than the same 10-year-old model. In addition, there are things that simplify driving: Parking sensors, "smart" lights, auto-pilot.

Drop in price

After passing the mark of 3 years, the car really falls in price. If you like to drive new cars, then it makes sense to change the car every 6-8 months to have time to sell as the release of the current year.

In fact, after 3 years of use, the car ceases to lose at this rate in value. Owners of 7-10 year-old cars lose less than others on resale.

Status change

The car reflects the life of the owner: increase in work, increase in family, hobby. New status — new things. The appearance of children entails replacing the car with a roomier and safer one, and the hobby of fishing and hunting with an SUV. After getting a managerial position, you should also replace the car with a higher class.

A car is not an impulsive purchase. It is necessary to approach the decision of changing the vehicle in a practical way: determine its purpose, draw up requirements, calculate annual maintenance and think about possible additional expenses.

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