What you shouldnt do behind the wheel?

What you shouldnt do behind the wheel?

Do not concentrate on the car in front of you

You should try to assess the situation, look at the cars in front, on the sides and do not forget about the rear-view mirrors. This will help prevent an emergency.

Do not exceed the speed limit

You should not put on the gas on an unfamiliar road, especially if it is full of unexpected turns. Before leaving the main road, you should slow down a little to protect yourself from unforeseen situations.

Do not read ads

There are a lot of bright and intriguing billboards along the tracks, but it's better to try not to pay attention to them. The road and warning signs are the only things the driver should focus on.

Do not be distracted from the road for more than 3 seconds

It is considered that 3 seconds is the maximum when you can not follow the road. If you get lost, it is better to stop at the side of the road and look at the map carefully. This applies to everything else that can distract your attention: feeling like a flat tire, or abnormal sounds from under the hood.

Do not listen to loud music

This is a rule for anyone who acts as a road user, including cyclists and pedestrians. Loud music will not allow you to react in time to sound signals from other vehicles.

Do not smoke while driving

Even if you carefully follow the process on the road, you should not smoke at the wheel. You may need both hands to prevent an unpleasant situation. Also, the ash from a cigarette can fall on your lap, which will lead to the fact that you are distracted. And the smoke irritates the mucous membrane of the eye.

Do not use the phone

According to the rules of the Traffic Laws, it is forbidden to use the phone. Answering calls with the phone between your shoulder and ear, typing messages, taking pictures while driving-all this can lead to an accident, and you are recognized as the culprit. If you can't use your phone without it, use a headset or sync your mobile device with the car's hands-free call.

Care on the road and maximum concentration-the key to a safe trip. If you are a novice driver, try to avoid high-speed and difficult tracks at first, stay on the right side and follow the signs. Experienced drivers should be reminded that it is not necessary to drive and change lanes or as rarely as possible for the comfort of all traffic participants.

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