What to do if the diesel froze?

What to do if the diesel froze?

Diesel car owners across the country look at the thermometer with a sinking heart. If January is the middle lane still crosses the 0°C mark, the thermometer will finally fall to the -20°C mark in February.

Let's figure out how to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation and keep your 4-wheel friend mobile.

How to distinguish summer fuel from winter fuel

If the temperature is below -5°C, you can make an experiment. Before refuelling, pour some fuel on a dry water-repellent surface (we do not recommend using the body of your car). After a couple of minutes, it will cool down. If it does not harden and does not become cloudy, then you will not have any problems soon.


Anyway, the above method does not work. If the temperature drops after refuelling, the car may not start in the morning. To prevent it, there are various additives available in any car stores that can be poured into the gas tank. Among household products, kerosene is perfect, and the most recommended proportion is 1 to 3. We do not recommend using gasoline or brake fluid, as they can reduce the life of your engine. Important point: fill the additive immediately after refuelling, so that it is successfully mixed with the fuel.

The car doesn't start

If you can't start your car, you should check the most vulnerable part — the fuel filter. If it is cloudy and large fractions of paraffin are visible, you should start warming it with it. It is recommended to use a warm heating pad (a plastic bottle with hot water) and ideally a building hairdryer. This may be enough: the volume of liquid in the fuel filter will freeze faster than the entire gas tank. Warm up the car and immediately go for the additive.

Otherwise, you will have to hire a tow truck and go to a warm box to completely warm the car up. 

Proper operation of your four-wheeled friend will save you time and money from unnecessary expenses.

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