What should you pay attention to when renting a car abroad?

What should you pay attention to when renting a car abroad?

Car rental has become popular in all countries. Excursions are not the only way to visit the sights. Car rental has great advantages: freedom and comfort of movement, saving time and money on tourist trips. But there are also disadvantages that can spoil the holiday experience and significantly hit your budget.

This article explains how to avoid trouble when booking a car abroad.

1. Book a car in advance

By booking a car in advance, you significantly reduce the time on queues and searching for a car on arrival in the country. Study the rental conditions and compare prices, choose a car, and just pick up the car on arrival. If you postpone your booking until the last moment, there is a risk that all the cheap options will already be taken.

2. Airport car rental

The most common mistake of travelers is to rent a car at the airport. For many, this is the most convenient place to pick up and drop off a car, and trying to rent somewhere else is more hassle than it really is worth.

Car rental at the airport usually costs much more than in rental companies. This is due to the increased tax - from 30% to 50% of the rental price.

3. Driver's licens

Why do we need international law in countries that have signed the Vienna Convention?

The Vienna Convention allows motorists to drive with national rights in those countries that have signed the document. Some States still require the presence of international human rights or the identity of the new sample.

What difficulties can you face if you don't have anInternational driving permit

  • The cost of insurance is much higher.
  • Refusal to rent a car.
  • In some countries, there are penalties for driving without an IDP.

For example, the fine in Italy is about €300 to €500, although the provisions of the Vienna Convention apply here. The Russian foreign Ministry recommends that you carry a certified translation of the certificate into Italian.

To rent a car without any problems, apply for an IDP.

 4.Payment by card

Reservations are usually paid with a debit card. Already in the rental service, you will pay for services with the driver's personal credit card. "Credit card" is required to hold the Deposit and write off funds in case of damage to the car. Most tourists do not know this and try to pay with cash or a regular card.

If you do not have a credit card, then most likely the rental will be refused, and the prepayment will not be returned.

 5. Insurance

The car insurance procedure is an important stage of rental. The rental price includes basic insurance that covers car theft, fire and accident. Damage to the body (roof, interior, wheels, Windows and bottom) is paid for by the driver.

Even for a small chip, your card will be charged additional funds for repairs. Take a good look at the car for defects when taking it. If available, take a photo and document it with the landlord.

Basic insurance often covers damage, but not liability or medical expenses. Therefore, always apply for a full insurance package.

Carefully read the conditions for booking a car: especially those items that are written in small print.

When renting a car, fill the full fuel tank!

The landlord fills a full tank for renting a car, so before you return it, be sure to fill up the fuel, so as not to pay for gasoline at the rental rate.

If you are planning long trips, we recommend choosing a car with diesel, so you will reduce your fuel budget.

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