What men prefer: Top 5 007 cars

What men prefer: Top 5 007 cars

You probably won’t be able to go on a trip in a car like this. but you definitely could see it in the movies (or in your dreams). In this article we will tell you about the most exciting cars James Bond used to get his enemies and save beautiful ladies, as well as what 007's enemies were driving to try to evade him.

BMW Z8 — «The World Is Not Enough» (1999)

The BMW Z8 roadster with modifications courtesy of Q, was shown in the movie, but got quite a limited screen time: based on the storyline the luxury car fell victim to a supervillain’s helicopter. That was unfortunate, because this car was something to see: a beautiful streamlined sports car with a powerful engine perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the movie. Visually the model refers to a classic BMW 507, but the “stuffing” of the car is way more modern. Exterior aluminum body, neon blinkers and taillight and extreme speed of course - up to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds — this model has it all. 

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish — «Die Another Day» (2002)

This flagship Aston Martin was able to become invisible and thanks to the great engine also gave 007 a chance to easily get from the equally impressive Jaguar XKR. When this car was made for the first time, constructors used an aluminum body with carbon fibre reinforced plastic panels. Nowadays Vanquish models are made with light and lasting carbon.

Aston Martin DBS — «Casino Royale» (2006)

Aston Martin is 007’s great love. In the franchise restart, Bond, played by Daniel Craig, receives this model in Montenegro with a few life saving features like a defibrillator and gun compartment. But due to the powerful engine, manoeuvrability and perfect braking system there was no need for any upgrades to the car itself. During the filming, stunts with seven different cars were made without computer graphics. Unfortunately, although six cars got broken while filming, I think we all can agree: it was definitely worth it!

Range Rover Sport SVR — «Spectre» (2015)

This powerful Range Rover was featured in a scene in the Alps during a snowy chase. The most expensive and powerful version of the car perfectly suited the company of silent villains in dark outfits. This model of  Range Rover accelerates up to 100 km\h in 4.5 seconds, and can reach a maximum speed of 280 km/h. 007's plane was faster, but the Range Rover's inclusion made for a spectacular scene nonetheless.

Aston Martin DB5 — «Skyfall» (2012)

Not the fastest but no doubt the most beautiful Bond car from 1960s was used in a critical moment, when all the modern cars were broken. And we definitely should pay tribute to it: accelerating to 100 km\h only in 6.5 seconds it is by no means the fastest car on this list, but 007 got rid of his enemies easily, thanks to the machine guns installed on the front. 007 fans were treated to another viewing of this car in the Bond series with the last being in «Goldfinger». This classic model has a revered status among classic car enthusiasts and some models that participated in film shooting were sold on at auction. 

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