What documents do I need to cross the border by car?

What documents do I need to cross the border by car?

Many people want to travel by car to other countries, but do not do so because of fear crossing the border on their own. In fact, everything is not so difficult - the main thing is to prepare all the necessary documents in advance, which you will learn about in this article.

Documents for the driver of the vehicle

1) Driver's license

You need an international driver's license. Check the latest information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country.

2) Vehicle registration certificate

You most likely received it when you bought a car. Do not forget that the vehicle passport and the vehicle certificate are different things,and make sure that you took the second document.

3) Green card

This is a special type of international insurance policy. But be careful, not all organizations really have the right to issue Green cards. A full list of companies that have received international accreditation can be found on the official website of the Union of motor Insurers.

Documents for the driver and all passengers

1) Valid international passport (with visa if necessary)

You will need a special visa to enter some countries. You can find out in which countries you need a visa to, and which ones have a simplified entry procedure, on the website of the Consular information portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2) Medical insurance

This must be a special medical insurance that will apply to the countries you will travel to. Each passenger must have one of their own.

3) Birth certificate if you are traveling with a child

If earlier, when a child went abroad with only one parent, a notarized consent was required from the second parent, now the departure has been simplified and consent is no longer necessary. It will be enough to have a birth certificate with you.

4) Confirmation of accommodation reservation

Proof of accommodation is not always required, but it is better to keep it with you. If you are not going to live in a hotel, but with friends or family members, it will not be superfluous if they make an official invitation to you.

5) Certificate of absence of COVID-19

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, you can only enter some countries if you have a certificate that you do not have coronavirus. Before you go, check this point and make sure to make a reference.

We hope that our article will be useful for your next trip. Start preparing for your trip in advance, collect your documents, and don't be afraid to cross the border by car!

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