Weekly autonews

Weekly autonews

The most interesting news of the passed week in our regular top.

Maserati began testing a new spotcar

The latest model, the MC20, was spotted by photo spies, but no official data on the design of the case or the insides of the sportswear has yet been reported. The Maserati being tested is rumored to have a 3.0-liter V-shaped gasoline six-cylinder engine capable with 630 horses and 730 Nm of torque on deck. The official presentation, which is expected on September 9-10, will show how close these figures are to reality.

Skoda is preparing to release a crossover

Crossovers today don't surprise anyone, but the Czechs have stepped further. Enyaq teasers (as the model is called) clearly hint that the novelty will be an all-electric SUV. It is not yet obvious what else the guys from Skoda will surprise us with, but it is already clear that Enyaq will be one of the most anticipated releases.

Tesla Model S turned into a hearse

The English company Coleman Milne helped it do so. The idea of creating a completely silent hearse was supported by the Germans from BINZ International. The design of the ritual car will copy "Tesla" with the only difference that due to the specific purpose: it will lengthen the chassis and raise the roof. The battery's power reserve is declared at 350 km.

Uzbekistan to release "Mercedes" for $ 3,000

Of course, we are not talking about a real brand, but about a car that only resembles the legendary German auto. However, a plant for the production of electric cars will indeed be built in Uzbekistan with the support of China. The first car is due to leave the assembly belt next year. Power and other parameters are still kept secret, but it is known for certain that the starting price of the novelty is 3 thousand dollars.

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