Walk of fame: where was Succession filmed?

Walk of fame: where was Succession filmed?

With a magnificent array of irredeemably awful characters, immaculately written and beautifully played, Sky Atlantic's Succession is one of television's greatest pleasures. Gentrentacar.com already seen a teaser of Season 3, showing Kendall returning to his father's Waystar Royco office and announcing "The revolution will be televised!", with a tantalizing shot of Italy. We know Adrien Brody, Sanaa Lathan and Alexander Skarsgård will all join the cast. But here's what we know about where the show is headed for this long-awaited return.

New York

Naturally, Succession will return to its base of New York — although HBO’s Casey Bloys confided to Deadline magazine that the pandemic had led the crew to briefly consider moving to Los Angeles. Filming began at Silvercup Studios in Queens, where several sets remain, and moved to familiar locations, such as 28 Liberty Street in the Financial District, the exterior of the Waystar Royco headquarters. NxuvnHLl1jEGHUMrk2kiUgvKEFvdd50DbTzmmpLL

Shooting has taken place across the city over the past year. Expect to see the CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street and the Cooper Union Foundation Building in NoHo, a brownstone from the 1850s housing a private college whose Great Hall is an established venue for speeches and art shows. There will also be a visit to The Shed in Hudson Yards, a vast art venue at the heart of this newly redeveloped neighborhood in Chelsea, recently featured in The Flight Attendant.

For the meetings and gala events that are a central feature of the show, the production also took over some of the city's great hotels. Included are The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York on East 61st Street, the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel on West 53rd, the Mandarin Oriental on Columbus Circle and the New York Marriott Marquis on Broadway. The production also visited The Plaza on Fifth Avenue, with much of the main cast in tow. Filming took place in this venerable institution's Palm Court, Terrace Room and Grand Ballroom, previously seen in various combinations in classics such as Funny Girl, North by Northwest, Arthur and Sleepless in Seattle. dfP32x9BppYmIdgYN5MgiPzbgFAJAYihKAiauPhx

Roy is originally from Scotland, but the base of the family and the show is New York City. At its heart are two locations, Logan's house on Fifth Avenue and the head office of his Waystar Royco empire. The home, a high-ceilinged Billionaire's Row townhouse straight out of the Gilded Age, is created mostly in a studio. When we see the lobby, though, it's really the entrance to the American Irish Historical Society, which is indeed on Fifth Avenue, overlooking the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park. The offices, meanwhile, are recreated in two empty areas in the World Trade Center, in blocks 4 and 7, giving the authentic top-of-the-world views over Midtown Manhattan.

Season 1 showed us a variety of other NYC spots, from the company gala held in the Cunard Building on Broadway to the East New York Freight Tunnel, a graffiti-heavy section of unused railroad track that provided the entrance to the elite party visited for the bachelor party of in-law-to-be Tom (Matthew Macfadyen). We also saw the Downtown Manhattan Heliport at Pier 6, where the family choppered out in the first episode for a high-stakes game of rounders starring rogue son Roman (Kieran Culkin), and the Bellevue Hospital, the revered institution on First Avenue where Logan is taken when he suffers a stroke.W9uctk31AyxO9Cc7o0mBbEtlOYz76XnUcUzVI16c

For Season 2, we were introduced to a new home for daughter Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Tom, filmed in an unspecified penthouse overlooking Brooklyn Bridge, and we already saw middle son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) in Del Posto on 10th Avenue, the most lavish of NYC's Italian restaurants. The focus was out of the city, and even out of the country.

In Episode 2, the family celebrates a child's birthday at one of the company's adventure parks, Brightstar — in fact, Six Flags Great Escape in Queensbury, upstate New York, the same location where in Season 1 we saw the bumbling Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) vomiting into his chicken costume. Later in the season, we saw nearby Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid, a palatial timber resort in the Adirondacks that serves as the setting for a media conference.k0ADMtshkoGCbogZ4sy8HlXMm7qZDxnN1JSTpGHv

East Hampton

The Roy family headed to the family residence in the Hamptons for season two's infamous "boars on the floor" sequence, and they'll be back in the area for season three. A week of filming took place in East Hampton, focused on Wainscott, where Beyoncé and Jay-Z are neighbors to Steven Spielberg. The shoot focused on a mansion on Beach Lane and the road nearby, before the production moved to Montauk and the beaches of Shadmoor State Park and Kirk Park.7nRFzU8VG2lQWEd1DDtxjEQpTs69UX7rKMTMZqhz


Season two ended on a yacht in Croatia, but season three goes one better with a Roy outing to Tuscany. British show-runner Armstrong admitted to Vulture that this was an in-joke for his countrymen: "I don't know how much of a social signifier it is to Americans —­ anybody who can go abroad is really rich," he said, but [Tuscany] has this flavor for the English upper class. Some call it Chiantishire, in a slightly sickening way."

However, the region resonates, the shoot promises some spectacular views, filmed by the same Italian crew who worked on the forthcoming House of Gucci. In the starring role is Villa Cetinale, in the small town of Sovicille, a 17th-century building with 13 bedrooms, a private chapel and extensive gardens. The Roys will be in residence here, hosting a major event with tables set out in the garden. According to Vulture, the production went to the lengths of hiring a British holiday planner to ensure that all the high-life trappings were perfectly in order. 7cWi0x7VHIs4szeKmW2GL9OfGtSsHSZ3nx9PaZw8Filming also took place in Val d'Orcia, to the south. We'll see Shiv and Tom touring the bathing pool in the spa village of Bagno Vignoni, and a full complement of Roy siblings dining at La Terrazza Del Chiostro in Pienza. There’s also a visit to Villa La Foce in Chianciano Terme, another spa in town. Look out also for scenes in Montalcino, Argiano and east of the Val d'Orcia, the ancient town of Cortona. While shooting took place, the cast and crew soaked up the Tuscan countryside in a selection of the region's villas. Vulture visited Kieran Culkin (Roman Roy) in his berth at Villa Gonzola overlooking the Tuscan hills, but Brian Cox (Logan Roy) remained in Florence with his family. It seems the billionaire lifestyle may even have rubbed off on the Scottish actor by the time he reached the end of the shoot.RnLXFGFNgmzDgDy43QauLKpbuU6ZMpxez99HBkC6


One of Season 2's most grueling scenes takes place at the company retreat in Hungary, after a day shooting, drinking and plotting. Despite the ambience of the old European royal residence, this was, in fact, shot close to Salutation Manor, at Oheka Castle in Huntington. Built (and named after) financier Otto Hermann Kahn in the 1910s, it's a 127-roomed fairytale castle in the French style, down to the perfectly symmetrical sunken garden, used in photographic form as Kane's Xanadu in Orson Welles'Citizen Kane and now a hotel.

Such simulation isn't typical of the show, which generally goes where it says it is. In Season 1, Shiv's wedding took place at the home of her English mother, Lady Caroline (Harriet Walter), filmed at Eastnor Castle (pictured above) in Herefordshire, a fantastical faux-medieval construction from the 19th century that has featured on film and TV for 50 years.

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