Travelling by car in Cyprus: from Limassol to Ayia Napa

Travelling by car in Cyprus: from Limassol to Ayia Napa

Cyprus is the perfect place to rent a car and the best place to spend your holidays. In two days you can explore the entire island and, of course, try traditional Greek food. By renting a car, you can save money on excursions and follow your "must-see" list.

In this article, we will suggest a route, tell you how to choose a car, and all about the rules of driving in the southern part of the island.


To rent a car you might need an international driver’s license (IDP). The driver's license of countries that have signed the Vienna Convention are accepted on Cyprus . But in practice, tourists move around the island with national documents. However,If you are stopped by traffic police, they can detain you, due to the absence of an IDP.

Depending on the selected class of a vehicle, the age of the rentee must be at least 25 years with 3 years of driving experience. Some rental services make an exception and give rental cars to drivers that are over 21 years of age with at least 1 year of experience.

The basic driving rules and other features of driving

The roads in Cyprus are good, the markings are clear, and the road signs are written in both Greek and English.

Left-hand traffic(LHT). If you are not used to LHT, we recommend that you first practice within the city. On motorways, the speed limit for cars and motorcycles is 100 km/h, it is also forbidden to go less than 65 km/h. In cities, the maximum speed is not more than 50 km/h.

By the way, there are no toll roads. You can travel in any direction without restrictions. A unique rule: it is forbidden to travel to the Northern part of the island in a rented car.

You can only use official Parking lots. The average price per hour is 1€.

What fines are there in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, there are all the same fines as in Russia: for speeding, unpaid parking, drunk driving and others. You can be stopped and fined for smoking in the car with a child, and even for drinking non-alcoholic beverages while driving. Fines are usually paid at the police station.

Which car to choose?

Of course, we recommend a convertible. Imagine yourself cruzing along the coast and enjoying the sea breeze. If you travel with minimum Luggage, you can rent a scooter. Minivans are available for large families or for groups, but the effect is not the same.


The cost of renting a vehicle in Cyprus is less than in European cities. In different cities the price of the same vehicle can vary. Here is the average rental price per day of each class and the cost of renting a convertible in Limassol.






In the southern part of Cyprus, the official currency is Euro, in the Northern part — the Turkish Lira.


Booking a car in Limassol. The city is located in the centre of the coastline, so it will be convenient to travel West and East.

Take the A5 motorway to Ayia Napa. If you don't make any stops, the road (111 km) will take about two hours. We recommend you stop along the way: swim in lagoons and sunbathe on wild beaches, dance under the stars and have fun in clubs. Ready?

1) Limassol means "middle city": there are night clubs for young tourists, and activities for families. Before the trip be sure to have Breakfast in a cafe overlooking the sea, and then go to Daudi - the most beautiful beach. The coastline is covered with golden sand and It is separated from the city by a eucalyptus Park. On your way,we suggest you make a stop in Monagrulli to take similar photos.

2) Larnaca is not worth a full vacation, but spend a few hours visiting the sights and walking along Finikoudes promenade. Visit the ruins of the old town and the ancient Church of Panagia Angeloktistis, which according to the legend was built by angels. Visit the salt lake, which consists of three salt lakes. Go to Finikoudes Promenade, take pictures and have lunch at cafe "Monte Carlo".

3) before you go to Ayia Napa spend an evening to admire the sunset on Nissi beach. It's an oasis: the Golden promenade is diluted with green colours of palm trees, while the sea reflects a pink sunset. Don't forget to take a lot of photos.

4) Ayia Napa is a youth resort. After Parking your car, go to the district of clubs, the most popular place on the island. Clubs and bars are located next to each other. If you do not like one place, you can just leave immediately and go to the next. Music and fun do not cease until morning. In some places, there is an entrance fee, the prices are usually reasonable: 5-8€ per cocktail. You can stay in any hotel: service even in 2* hotels is above average.

5) Blue Lagoon. Waking up after a rough night, you might want to freshen up. After Breakfast at the hotel set off to the Blue lagoon. If you've seen the Bounty ads, you can imagine "Paradise delight": Clear blue seas, colourful fish, white sand and a hammock — this is all one might need in the morning. If you still have some energy left, then be sure to go snorkelling.

On the way back to Limassol leave early to enjoy a slow ride along the coast and remember not to exceed your rental time.

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