Travelling around Spain. Driving from Barcelona to Alicante

Travelling around Spain. Driving from Barcelona to Alicante

Spain is a great place for vacationing. We advise renting a car in order to see the country. It will take two days to travel to all the main sights along the coast from Barcelona to Alicante. You will get to know the life of the locals and discover the Mediterranean anew.

In this article, we will suggest a possible route and tell you how to choose a car and all about the traffic laws in Spain.


To rent a car in Spain you need an international driving permit (IDP). You will also need the following documents:

  • Passport or any ID.
  • Driving license (not less than a year of driving experience).
  • Credit cards in the driver's name.

The driving regulations and other features

In Spain, the city speed limit is 50 km/h, the highway — 120 km/h. Keep your foot on a break pedal so the rear lights will help the drivers behind you to slow down in time. Outside the city you need to drive in the right lane on the highway "Honking" without a good reason is not recommended.

How to get a traffic ticket?

Violations in Spain are divided into two categories: severe and very severe. The first is for speeding, driving without a seat belt, stopping at a bus stop, running a red light, driving with dirty plates, not using a child seat if necessary. The second includes exceeding the speed limit by 50%, refusal to comply with an alcohol or drug test, driving in the oncoming lane, racing, except for certain authorized events.

Fines - 100 € and higher.

What car to choose

Think over your route and, based on the requirements, choose a car. If you are traveling alone with little Luggage, rent a Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet. A roomy Peugeot 3008 will suit a group of friends better.

Rental prices

An average price per day is 30-40 € for economy (Fiat), for comfort (Citroen) - 55-60 €. If you want to rent a premium model, for example, a stylish BMW MINI Cabrio, then get ready to pay 75 €. In this category there are budget options (Opel Cabrio) for 62 €. SUV is the most expensive (Range Rover Rover Sport and Volvo XC90) for 100 €.

Additional expenses

When planning a trip, you should also consider additional expenses:

  • Gas - €1,4-1,5
  • Diesel fuel - €1,3-1,4 
  • Parking-€2-3 per hour
  • Night Parking — €10-25 


It will be much faster if you get to Barcelona first and rent a car there. Barcelona — Alicante is the most popular route. We recommend visiting Castellon de La Plana and Valencia along the way. The route is 528 kilometers. Stop for sunbathing on the beaches, visit ancient sights, walk along the embankments, and try national cuisine in small family cafes.


This is a cultural and a tourist centre of Spain. There are breathtaking, fantastic buildings designed by Antonio Gaudi. Be sure to visit the Tibidabo amusement Park and the Picasso Museum.

Castellon de La Plana

A small town with a rich history. It is famous for its manicured beaches in the Grao area. Playa El Pinar, Playa El Gurugi, and Playa El Serradal — have famous recreation areas, gentle entrance to the water. There are no large waves there and instead of large pebbles — soft Golden sand.


It is one of the main ports of Spain, where commercial vessels and cruise ships dock. Here you can rent luxury yachts and go to the Island of Ibiza or La Palma.


A popular resort where families with children and noisy companies like to relax. There is a place for everyone. Visit the medieval fortresses of Santa Barbara, San Fernando or Santa Cruz.

No matter how perfectly planned your holiday is, leave a little room for improvisation.

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