Traveling in Ecuador

Traveling in Ecuador

We start the expedition in Quito, a city with colonial architecture and a Gothic cathedral, from the roof of which you will see the city at a glance! Quito became one of the first sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. At the beginning of the journey, you will find 4 Galápagos Islands, wherein 10 days you will see those very endemic animals: fur seals at the fish market counter and massive pelicans competing with them, giant Galápagos turtles, impudent sea iguanas, charmingly naive blue-footed boobies and many rare species of birds ...

You will enjoy an island atmosphere of relaxation, delicious lobsters, +27C, and eternal summer, as well as snow-white beaches and cool snorkeling with turtles, stingrays, fur seals, and iguanas. Then the completely magical Ecuador awaits you. Explore the city of Quito, where you will taste local cuisine, visit museums and temples.

Travel Program

Day 1 - March 5 (Quito) 

The arrival of the group, transfer to the hotel near the airport and rest. On the first day of the trip, you will slowly acclimatize. Travel participants will arrive at different flights. The group transfer will be organized after the analysis of the purchased air tickets. As a rule, you will be met by taxi. Day 2 - March 6 (San Cristóbal)

For the next few days, you will be exploring the Galápagos Islands! Early in the morning we go through control, show fresh PCR tests and fly to the island of San Cristóbal. The flight will take 3 hours. Arrive in San Cristóbal Island at 10:30, transfer to the hotel will take 10 minutes. After check-in (2 nights) and lunch, we will go to relax on the La Loberia beach, which is considered one of the best in the Galápagos. Great spot for sea lion watching and snorkeling! Day 3 - March 7 (San Cristóbal)

Your group leaves for the Interpretation Center. It stores information about the history, modernity, environmental problems, and unique animals that inhabit the islands. In addition, the huge Pepe turtle lives here, which you need to get to know. From the center, you will go up the numerous steps to the observation deck, from where an amazing view will open up. The afternoon will be spent on the beaches, snorkeling, swimming, watching animals, and watching the sunset. Day 4 - March 8 (San Cristóbal)

The amazing underwater world never ceases to amaze, so today you are going on a snorkeling tour to meet adventures, sea inhabitants, reefs, and vivid impressions! Day 5 - March 9 (San Cristóbal)

Today you have two programs to choose from. First, you set off to explore the oldest island in the archipelago, Hispaniola. Here you will see rare birds (Galápagos albatross and hooded mockingbird), as well as marine iguanas, gulls, lizards, boobies, and finches. Sea lions will meet you right on the beach. The second program ― you go to the remote island of Punta Pitt, which can rightfully be called the bird kingdom. A huge number of birds that bear eggs live here. An unforgettable sight that can hardly be seen anywhere else. Day 6 - March 10 (Santa Cruz)

After breakfast, we go to the island of Santa Cruz, the transfer to the island will take about two hours. After check-in at the hotel and lunch at a restaurant of Ecuadorian cuisine, we will go to relax on Tortuga Beach, which is considered one of the best beaches in the Galápagos. Pelicans, marine iguanas, and other representatives of the Galápagos fauna will be waiting for us on the beach. Day 7 - March 11 (Bartolomé Island)

Travel to Bartolomé Island, a small island with a fantastic lunar landscape. After climbing the steps to the observation deck, a beautiful view of the islands opens up! Then you go to the golden beach, where you will go snorkeling. Here you can see stingrays, small sharks, and turtles. The tour will start at 8 am and return to your hotel by 5 pm. Day 8 - March 12 (Puerto Ayora)

You will spend this day in the city of Puerto Ayora, where you will visit Charles Darwin Station. Here scientists explore the unique ecosystems of the islands and carefully protect the flora and fauna. The rest of the day is free time, which can be spent walking around the city, enjoying the local cuisine, and visiting excursions. Day 9 - March 13 (Isabela Island)

Isabela Island is the largest island in the archipelago. It is decorated with picturesque lagoons, which are home to flamingos, pelicans, frigates, hawks, cormorants, and penguins, and the coastal waters are teeming with marine life. Isabela has wonderful beaches and penguins! On the first day on this island, you will visit Los Flamingos to see flamingos and see the land giants, the Galápagos turtles. Day 10 - March 14 (Isabela Island)

In the first half of the day, you will visit Pearl Shell Bay and Los Tintoreras. Let's look for marine iguanas and go kayaking! Afternoon ― free time. Day 11 - March 15 (Isabela Island)

Free day. You will have a chic selection of different excursions at will, but more often than not, our travelers want to slow down and relax. Day 12 - March 16 (Quito)

In the morning, you will take a short flight directly to Baltra airport instead of painful sea transfers. Connection for flight to Quito. You arrive after 4:00 pm and check into the hotel for two nights. The hotel is located right on the main square in the historical center of the capital, so you even have extra time to get to know the city a little. If you are only interested in the Galápagos, then you can request the cost of just one week on the islands and fly home. However, you will not understand what the charm of Ecuador is. You have a great opportunity to continue and appreciate all the splendor of the country. Day 13 - March 17 (Quito)

In the morning before breakfast you hand over the PCR test at the hotel, the cost of $120 is not included in the travel budget. For arrival in the Galápagos, the test must be no older than 96 hours. A day exploring the sights of enchanting Quito! In the morning, you will visit the old cathedral, climb onto the roof of the Gothic basilica, and see the museum of gold inherited from pre-Columbian cultures. You will go to the equator line, meet the sunset on the observation deck, and in the evening you can walk along the party street.Day 14 - March 18 (Quito)

Transfer to the international airport and fly home.

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