Traveling by car: thinking over is better than improvisation

Traveling by car: thinking over is better than improvisation

Traveling by car requires careful preparation even if an idea came up a minute ago. It is always better to know your next steps in advance than trying to make everything work instead of enjoying your trip. Of course, everything rarely goes according to our will and still you can have a chance for unexpected turns but having a route plan can save you from stress. Now we will tell you 7 great reasons why.

To match your wishes with places. Firstly you have to decide what kind of living you want. Do you want to live in a hotel near the sea? Or go to the mountains? Stay in a city? Maybe you want to visit famous restaurants and bars? Or live in a camping? There are lots of options and you've got to pick one before taking a car. Surf the Internet or ask friends to find the most suitable locations and create a route between them. Google Maps or can really help with that.

Also thinking over the route is needed to choose a proper car. Not all kinds of roads may be easy to ride, furthermore, nice places often lie beyond the highways so the wrong car may ruin the trip. Check the route in advance before going. Unless your car isn’t good for these roads, you can find a proper car in our rent service. For example, if you need a SUV, you can book Nissan Xterra or 60$ per day in Georgia. Nissan Juke in Poland costs 28$ per day. There are also more expensive cars: Range Rover in Dubai for 207$ per day and Cadillac Escalade in Miami for 733$ per day. Use promocode VALENTINA5 to get a 5% discount on

If your route crosses different countries, find information about traffic rules: speed limit, signs, etc. All rules may differ from what you are used to know. You can write down the differences to make it easy to remember.

Mark all rest areas and places to stay at night. It is necessary if your trip takes more than a day, even if there are two drivers. Staying in an open space is cheap but also it's not safe and not convenient. After a long ride, the driver needs a quality rest that can't be provided by sleeping on the ground. Lack of well-sleeping may negatively affect at driver's concentration and attentiveness. Therewith the car also needs to rest. If you are traveling in places with hot weather, let the car engine cool down for a few hours.

With the route plan you are able to manage your budget and save money. By the start you will already know the travel distance to calculate fuel expenses. It allows you to distribute money in between other spendings: meal, rest, entertainment. By the way, there are websites which can help to know fuel expenses. All you need is to put distance, car model and fuel price.

It's so easy to miss interesting places and sights with no plan. Make your trip more interesting and find unusual places to go so your adventure will be full of joy. Destination is not a goal of traveling but good time is.

Also the route plan helps to schedule the time which is always not enough. Usually our time is limited by the vacation or weekend length and other factors so you need to be careful with planning. Always remember that you will spend more time than you think because of traffic jam, waiting in a cafe, getting lost in a new city or meeting old friends. Set more time for the unexpected occasions and allow yourself to rest: traveling is always for pleasure, not for rush! 

Have a good time in your journey!

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