Travel in Malta by car

Travel in Malta by car

Malta is a small island country that is ideal for traveling by car. By renting a car, you can see almost all the sights of the country.

What you need to know?

It is not difficult to rent a car. The driver must be at least 25 and no older than 75. In some places, you can rent a car from 21 years old, but with additional insurance. Russian and international rights will be suitable for rental, if you have such rights.

It is important to remember that Malta has left-hand traffic. So, when you go to the ring road, be careful. In cities, mostly one-way traffic. Sometimes a two-way road turns into a one-way road. Parking in Malta is monitored quite strictly, carefully look at the signs when leaving the car, so that it is not evacuated. The allowed speed in the city is 40-50 km/h, outside-60 km/h. Gasoline costs about 1.5 euros per liter. One filled tank is enough to drive around Malta.

Ask the car rental service to give you a ride to the airport.this is the most convenient point to start your trip to the next route.


You can start your trip in Malta with an authentic fishing village. There are no modern buildings, traditional sand houses huddle against the coastline, and there are many boats in the Bay. The center of Marsashlokka's life is the Church of our lady of Pompeii.

The next point on the route, the capital of Malta, is 12.3 kilometers away.


The whole city is an open-air Museum, so it should be considered as a single ensemble. Sand-colored fortress walls protect the miniature capital from the sea. Be sure to visit the Fort of Saint Elma, the gardens of Upper Baracca and the Cathedral of Saint John.

We recommend driving 13.2 km and visiting the former capital of Malta.


Mdina-the ancient capital of Malta, where the aristocracy still lives. On the main square of Saint Paul stands the Cathedral of the same name, a real masterpiece of architecture. The gates of the Cathedral are 900 years old, and they are still in operation. Under the suburb of Mdina, Rabat, there are the catacombs of St. Paul, the tomb of the nobility and a rather specific place. Also visit the Mdina prison and the chapel of Saint Agatha.

The next stop is in 13.4 kilometers, if you go through Rabat.


The most interesting thing to see is the watchtower of Saint Agatha of the XVII century, which is also called the red tower. There are many such fortifications all around the island, but this one is the most accessible and well-preserved. Visit other buildings of the same period - the White tower and the Selmun Palace.

Get in the car, the next point is only 6.8 kilometers away.

Cirkewwa-Gozo (Gozo)

You need to get to the station in Cirkewwa where you can catch ferries to the other Maltese island. You can drive in by car. Depending on the season, the price and schedule changes.


Gozo differs sharply from Malta in its abundance of greenery. If the main island is dominated by ochre and sand tones of the landscape, then here you will enjoy a pleasant combination of colors: emerald hills and blue sea water. The main attraction is the Azure window. This is a huge stone arch in the sea, which collapsed in 2017, but here you can still go diving and explore the underwater nature. There is also an Inner sea on the island, which is connected by a cave to the main water area. There are boats moored here, for a small fee you will be taken through the arch and along the shore, and shown the island from the other side. Go to the salt baths on the coast, see how the locals extract salt in the old way.


Here you must walk around the city, see the most beautiful Catholic parish churches and climb to the observation platform of the Citadel. Take a few shots on the picturesque terrace.

You can spend a few days on the island, go Hiking, or just study the villages with incredible architecture.

If you rent a car, you can not tie yourself to the schedule of buses and excursions, look only at what you are really interested in, and relax when you need it. Travel more and discover the unknown all the time.

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