Toyota Corolla: 12th generation of the world's best-selling car

Toyota Corolla: 12th generation of the world's best-selling car

Another rebirth of the popular sedan once again proves its relevance in the world market. Toyota Corolla fully deserves its laurels, because this car is suitable for almost all age categories and people with different views of life. Its beautiful design and quite passable driving characteristics pleased a large audience.


Corolla has undergone many changes, but it is still considered a more compact and lighter version of the Camry. Externally, the Japanese sedan is distinguished by its characteristic slanting headlights, smooth body lines and spectacular details that make the car recognizable among many other sedans.

Once again, Toyota's designers have proven that it is possible to combine conservative European cars with the pretentiousness of Asian culture - and it will be appropriate and organic. From the chrome grille to the raised trunk line, Corolla is good for everything. The sleek, elegant silhouette is complemented by pointed taillights and a massive bumper that looks completely natural. The sedan's clearance is 150mm, so it can handle both city roads and medium country roads with confidence.


The Corolla's engine can be called optimal - it is the most average of all the ones we have presented earlier. The inline 4-cylinder unit, equipped with a 16-valve gas distribution system, produces only 122 horsepower at maximum revs, and its torque at its peak will be 153 Nm.

From a place, the sedan does not tear like a sports car, but rather quietly spins up in 11 seconds. The maximum speed does not exceed 195 kilometers per hour. Another reason for this massive popularity: the car is not designed for dashing races, so that even older people can use it without feeling that half of the possibilities will never be revealed.

The gluttony of the engine is kept at 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers in mixed mode.


Despite being positioned as a "business sedan", the Corolla still looks more like a family car. The calm lines of the interior, a wide three-seater back sofa, soft (but very high quality) finishing materials make it more comfortable than austere and solid.
The Japanese have always been at their best in handling and ergonomics. The driver can easily adjust the operation of all systems without leaving the steering wheel. The wide instrument panel also makes road control easier and allows you to focus on driving.

Toyota Corolla rental

Since this car is bought by more than 1 million people annually, it is not difficult to rent it. You can do this on our website by booking the option you like. Make sure of the comfort of the Japanese sedan yourself at a convenient time.

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