TOP3 incredible Mercedes car concepts

TOP3 incredible Mercedes car concepts

Car brands love to surprise you with bright concepts. Brutal neo-futuristic design, electric motors, the latest technology — these are the main features of concept cars nowadays. Mercedes as one of the leading automakers can boast a sufficient number of projects aimed at creating ultra-modern cars. Let's take a look at the most incredible concept cars presented by the Mercedes brand in the last 5 years!

1. Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

This elegant luxury car was presented in 2016, but even after 5 years, it may impress car lovers.

This elegant luxury car was presented in 2016, but even after 5 years, it may impress car lovers.
Take a look at the luxurious interior:By the way, a little later, in August 2017, Mercedes presented the equally beautiful Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet, based on the previous year's coupe:

Yes, this is a six-meter two-seater Cabrio.

2. Vision EQ Silver Arrow

In the summer of 2018, Mercedes amazed with the new concept — the Vision EQ Silver Arrow single-seater sports car.The 5.3 m sports car is featured with a carbon fiber body and a thin battery with a capacity of 80 kWh, which provides a range of more than 400 km on the WLTP cycle.The single-seated cabin is royally made: the seat and wheel are trimmed with genuine leather, the three-pointed stars are laser-engraved on the seat. The driver is surrounded by suede, polished aluminum, and walnut wood details, and the floor is generally covered with coniferous "parquet".

3. Project MAYBACH

In December 2021 Mercedes presented a unique car at the Art Week in Miami. It's a six-meter off-road Mercedes-Benz Project Maybach coupe, powered by solar energy. The project was implemented in collaboration with the American designer Virgil Abloh, who died on November 28 at the age of 41 from cardiac angiosarcoma.According to the press manager of Mercedes, the presented car is unique not only for its design. Every element has been created from scratch. The car has got a huge transparent hood, under which solar batteries are placed. These batteries provide engine charging.

This car would be great for a trip to nature. What a pity that the serial production of this incredible SUV is not planned for the near future.

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