Top 7 cities of Europe worthy of renting a car

Top 7 cities of Europe worthy of renting a car

Renting a car in Europe can sometimes seem unnecessary due to the abundance of public transport options. When, In fact, it is the best way to explore all corners of the continent while traveling. Laying a route for an road trip yourself could demonstrate certain advantages since you will not be tied to the tour or guide. gives you the top 7 cities in Europe, where car rental services are popular.


Siena is the perfect place to fully experience the boundless breadth of Italian culture and traditions. The city is located in the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by green hills, lush vineyards and sun-drenched olive groves. With such a variety of historical sites, a rented car in Siena will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the medieval architecture. You can experience the picturesque sceneries from the moving vehicle or arrange day trips to other interesting places of Italy.


Copenhagen is considered one of the most popular and promising places in Europe. The city has many world-class museums, historical monuments and wild Nightclubs. Visit the current Palace of Denmark "Amalienborg" or Anderson Museum dedicated to the works of the great storyteller. To those interested in modern science and technology, we recommend visiting the "Experimentarium". Here you will be able to conduct chemical experiments and feel like a real spy, using advanced technology in the field of intelligence. A rented car could help you move around the city quickly and visit various sights.


Inverness is Scotland's largest city, a thriving cultural metropolis with a storied past and majestic castle architecture. Situated among other Scottish attractions Inverness is a great starting point for a car tour. There are many castles in the surrounding area, for example, world-famous Caudor and no less popular Urquhart. Skirting the vastness of Inverness, visit Loch Ness and the Moray Firth, where you can see migrating dolphins near the coast.


The fortress city of Dubrovnik is located on the southernmost coast of the Adriatic sea in Croatia. Dubrovnik became one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Mediterranean after HBO began filming the series "Game of Thrones" there. By renting a car in Dubrovnik, you can drive around the filming locations and enjoy the incredible cityscape.


Historical sites and achievements of modern architecture exist side by side in the Bavarian cultural capital. The city can be called an ideal place for travelers wishing to explore Germany. Every year, the Oktoberfest beer festival is held in the center of the city. This unique event is accompanied by festivities and costumed processions. A two-hour drive from the center of Munich can bring you to a fabulous castle Neuschwanstein, founded by the Bavarian king Ludwig II. Currently, the castle attracts a lot of tourists and is one of the most visited places in Germany.


Reykjavik is recognized as one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world. The city is surrounded by unique natural landscapes: from massive ice peaks and active volcanoes to green wilderness with roaring waterfalls and bubbling geothermal pools. To see other, no less beautiful natural phenomena, you can drive along the Route 1 (Ring Road). The ring road of Iceland connects all the major sights in the country: including the waterfall Seljalandsfoss, the Peninsula Snaefellsnes, geothermal area of Mývatn.


Lausanne has become a popular tourist destination due to its location on the Northern edge of lake Geneva, world famous ski slopes, and Alpine trails. Discover the amazing contrast of the capital's modernity and the stunning natural scenery of Switzerland.

European cities and countries are filled with historical heritage, rich in traditions and original culture. To have enough time for travelling around and to stay positive, we advise you to rent a car for the duration of your trip. That way you will be able to visit and see more European sights in less time. To find the best route, we recommend using Google Maps. The application builds a route even in offline mode. You will be able to enlarge the map and see your route in detail, the data will be saved in the cache and will be available without the Internet connection.

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