Top 5 most beautiful bridges

Top 5 most beautiful bridges

Imagine: you are standing on a narrow footpath, the wind is whistling in your ears, magnificent views are in front of your eyes, and under your feet are tens of meters of void above the azure waters. This is a selection of the most impressive and beautiful bridges that can be visited on foot or by car.

Golden Gate, San Francisco, USA

The 30s of the last century were marked by the construction of one of the largest bridges in the world. Golden Gate is a huge suspended structure over 2 kilometers long. In addition to its impressive length, it also boasts a dizzying height: at high tide, the distance between the lower beams and the water reaches 70 meters.

You can see the steel handsome man in a good half of American films: they love this miracle of engineering so much. The original purpose of the bridge was to connect San Francisco and Marin County. Today it remains not only a powerful transport hub (carrying capacity of about 100 thousand cars per day), but also one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Viaduc de Cize-Bolozon, France

Viaducts, as a kind of bridges, amaze with their beauty even at small sizes. Slender arched vaults, powerful pillars and two abysses on both sides of the roadway - this will take anyone's breath away.

Siz-Bolozon is laid between two villages ... that's right, Siz and Bolozon. Its structure is due to landscape features: high banks and a narrow channel of one of the tributaries of the Rhone, the En River.

11 arches support a 73-meter double-deck bridge. The upper section is reserved for the railroad, the lower - for lighter and more agile vehicles. The bridge between the most distant points is 273 meters long. During the war, the viaduct was blown up by French partisans and rebuilt by the efforts of German prisoners of war.

Bridge «Russky», Vladivostok, Russia

The Russky bridge is the world's longest cable-stayed bridge and one of the most difficult in terms of engineering solutions. The length of the structure is more than a kilometer, and the height of the supports reaches 324 meters (2 in the world in height).

Plans for the construction of the bridge appeared at the beginning of the last century, but they were only implemented in 2012. By right, it is considered one of the most majestic bridges in Russia, and night illumination complements the image.

The steel cables supporting the flight are arranged according to the “harp” system and are painted in the colors of the national flag at night. The bridge is also depicted on a new 2000 ruble note.

Octavio Frias de Oliveira, Sao Paulo, Brazil

A Brazilian bridge that cannot be imagined in any other country in the world. The birthplace of carnivals has distinguished itself with an unusual approach to the construction and architecture of a transport interchange.

The pillars of the bridge are inclined relative to each other and resemble the letter "X". Their height reaches almost 140 meters, and the roadway beams are supported by 144 steel ropes with built-in LEDs. At night and during celebrations, the bridge is painted in an unprecedented palette of colors, sparkling and captivating the eyes of tourists and locals.

The construction of the road itself is worth mentioning separately. Unlike most suspension bridges, the carriageway here is not straight, but has the form of two intersecting arcs, diverting the oncoming traffic flows into independent arms.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most famous and recognizable bridges not only in Europe, but also in the world, Charles Bridge is considered one of the unspoken symbols of the Czech Republic. It is worth visiting here if only to feel the breath of centuries under your feet. Yes, you won't be able to drive a car here, but for the sake of that you can leave your comfortable chair for a while.

The bridge was built back in 1380 by order of Charles IV, King of Germany and Bohemia, the future Roman emperor. For a long time, the link between the historical districts of Prague was called the Prague Bridge, and only in 1870 it was decided to leave the name in honor of the founder.

The pillars of the structure are faced with dark sandstone, and the spans are decorated with 30 sculptures, mostly of religious themes.

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