Top 5 most beautiful and dangerous mountain roads

Top 5 most beautiful and dangerous mountain roads

It is comfortable and easy to drive on perfectly flat asphalt, but there are many roads in the world that will be remembered forever not only for their stunning views, but also because of their danger.

Mountains have always been a natural obstacle on the path of wanderers. Tunnels and airplanes allowed us to bypass them, but not everywhere there is an opportunity to go the easy way.

San Boldo Pass, Italy

The unusual serpentine road consists of a series of mountain caves and bridges that descend into the Belluno Valley. From a distance, the pass looks like the multilevel walls of a medieval castle. Only instead of sentries there are cars flashing here. The complexity of the section is due to the impressive part of the road being hidden from view, therefore traffic lights are installed at the entrances. They regulate the flow of cars, allowing drivers to easily pass in narrow foothill tunnels.

Sa Calobra, Spain

Mallorca is the largest island in Spain. However, it is famous for one of the most interesting and fanciful mountain roads. Sa Calobra is a real challenge for your nerves. The sharp turns over steep cliffs on the way to Calobra Bay are crowned with a loop, which is called the «tie knot» here. At one of the highest points of the track, there is a 270° turn, fenced off with low stone railings. Just in front of him, the road does not wind long enough, which can form a deceptive sense of freedom and security.

Zuluk, India

This mountain village stands on the Great Silk Road. In ancient times, caravans from Tibet went through it. Now a highway has been laid here, but this does not simplify the route at all. The mountain trail zigzag flows through the mountains. Going on a trip along such a serpentine, do not forget about the regular mountain snowy weather. It is capable of significantly damaging traction, which is quite intimidating at 32 corners a few kilometers above sea level. But after overcoming such a test, we can confidently say that you understand the strength of the spirit of the Tibetan monks.

Irohazaki, Japan

Irohazaki serpentines are just a couple of hours drive from Tokyo. There are two of them, the name is common. The first starts from the plain and climbs to the mountain lake, the second starts from the top and runs past waterfalls and stunning forests. Photos from the spot cannot convey even a tenth of all the beauty that is collected here, so it's better to see it with your own eyes. The Japanese themselves advise driving along the serpentines in the autumn, when the surrounding forests are painted in bright yellow-burgundy shades. From above, the road resembles the back of an ancient dragon resting among the trees.

Moki Dugway, USA

The red cliffs that line the Moki Dugway Highway are familiar to many Hollywood moviegoers. Beginning on the plateau, the highway descends into the Valley of the Gods, a Navajo Indian reservation. In some places, the walls of the gorge hang almost over the roadway, periodically dropping sharp stones. Motorists driving along these zigzags appreciate the column of dust billowing from under the wheels, while at the same time hoping that the fragments of the rocks will not break through the tires. Loss of control in such an area is fraught with serious consequences.

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