Top 5 European cities where you should definitely rent a bike

Top 5 European cities where you should definitely rent a bike

What is the best way to travel around European cities? The answer is undoubtedly simple — by personal transport. And if you still do not have a driver license to rent a car, then there is a way out — a bicycle! By the way, has a microtransport rental service! Now you can rent bicycles, scooters, electric scooters, segways, ATVs and even jet skis from us! Go to the site, choose the transport you need and travel with pleasure!

Now grab a selection of European cities where you should definitely rent a bike and go explore the sights and natural beauty:

1. Paris

The symbols of the capital of France can be safely considered not only the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and croissants with coffee, but also bicycles. Paris has a clear system of bike paths and beautiful bike routes: along the embankments, squares and in the medieval quarters.

Try a ride from Bastille to Place de la République, and along the Promenade of Gemmap. You will definitely like it!

2. Berlin

Residents of a big city are very concerned about the ecology and their health, so many choose a bicycle as the main vehicle. The cycling culture is very well developed here: there are bike paths and an automatic system for adjusting traffic lights "green wave", flat terrain and wide streets. True, in winter you can't really ride a two-wheeled friend, but even in a warm autumn, cycling is worth it.

Take a ride along the Berlin Wall, but if you are an avid cyclist then head to Duisburg and try the 100 km Radschnellweg Ruhr (RS1) cycle road to Hamm.

3. Amsterdam

True bike fans live in Holland and that's a fact. In addition, a bicycle is the most convenient and cheapest way to get around Amsterdam, where there are about 400 kilometers of tracks for amateurs.

And how many beautiful routes are there! Along the embankments with colorful houses, from Dam Square to the flower market, in 4 hours you can even drive to the nearest cities - The Hague and Utrecht.

4. Barcelona

Seville is considered to be the most "cycling" city in Spain, but if you go on vacation to Barcelona, then a bicycle will even help you save on transport costs and open the city from a completely different side. The centre, like other places of the selection, has bike paths, but the traffic is quite dense.

Choose a route according to your interests. If you prefer a beach holiday on vacation, then start your trip at Columbus Square and follow the Paseo de Colom cycle path. Architecture lovers will love the ride from Plaza Catalunya along Paseo de Gràcia.

5. Moscow

In Russian capital, cycling culture is only gaining momentum, but today the metropolis has about 200 kilometers of lanes for cyclists. And there are no less scenic routes than in the whole France: there is a majestic route from Bolotnaya Embankment through Muzeon, Gorky Park and to Vorobyovy Gory!

Cycling, like road trips, is another atypical way of tourism. Going by bike, you will feel the real spirit of freedom, learn the habits of the residents and alternative routes around the city. Isn't this the main thing in travel?

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