Top 10 roads along the coast

Top 10 roads along the coast

Most of all, we want to go to the sea in summer: to plunge into the cool water, enjoy the fresh breeze and get a new portion of impressions. And if you dilute the typical vacation with unplanned trips by car, even better by convertible, then there is a chance that the vacation will be remembered for longer than until next summer.

We have compiled for you the top 10 routes along the sea for your future trip:

The Overseas Highway, USA

If you are going on vacation in the Florida Keys, be sure to rent a car. The Seven Mile bridge, part of the US1 highway, leads to the archipelago from the mainland. The most amazing thing is that the bridge literally hovers over the water surface. You will also see the Atlantic ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. However, it is forbidden to accelerate and overtake other cars here, and sometimes you can get into traffic.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

One of the most scenic routes along the coast starts in Torquay and ends in Allansford. Part of the road runs inland through vineyards and rain forest. You will also see secluded coves, beaches, and the best places to surf. By the way, you can stop on the highway to take a memorable picture.

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

The road was created exclusively for tourists. The highway passes through the province of Møre og Romsdal, and also connects the small Islands of Avery and Frey. The 8-kilometer highway consists of 7 bridges of unusual shape. The band then soars up, rushing into the sky, then passes into the territory of the Islands. You can drive along the highway slowly, enjoying the fresh air and views outside the car window. There are also several sites with panoramic views, Parking lots and information boards for tourists. Sometimes you can see whales from here.

Three Corniches, Monaco

There are three ways to get from Monaco to nice: by plane, by yacht, and, of course, by car. The road for a road trip consists of three cornices (FR. cornice — road along the slope): two at the top (Gran Cornish) and in the middle of a sheer cliff (Mayen Cornish), and the last (bass Cornish) — along the coast.

Cape Formentor, Spain

Going on vacation to Majorca? Then rent a car in Port de Pollensa and go to the Northern part of the island, to Cape Formentor. This track will definitely appeal to those who love speed and extreme. Along the way, you will see, of course, the sea, lighthouses, mountains, look for beaches for recreation, and on the observation decks take photos and buy Souvenirs for friends.

Pacific Coast highway, USA

The famous highway runs along the Pacific coast and many steep cliffs. The highway crosses three States: Washington, California, and Oregon. But the most beautiful section is considered to be the road from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Before an independent trip, it is best to mark all the sights on the map, so that you do not miss the most interesting things along the way.

Cabot Trail, Canada

You will get a completely different impression of this country. Cabot Trail highway is a scenic road on the island. The route is 298 km long. The highway literally wraps around the Northern part of the island, passing through the Cape Breton highlands national Park. The Western and Eastern parts of the route run along the rugged coastline, offering excellent views of the ocean. Take a closer look, you may see whales here too.

Sochi, Russia

The A-147 highway along the black sea coast starts in Dzhubga and goes to Sochi, the sports capital of Russia. However, only the passenger can appreciate the beauty that opens up from the most dangerous highway in the Krasnodar territory. Drivers call this section "a real test" - because this section of road is a dangerous serpentine. It is dangerous to overtake other cars despite the good quality of the road, bumpers and speed limit signs.

The Adriatic highway, Montenegro

Rent a cabriolet and go on a journey along The Jadranska magistrala highway along the Eastern coast of the Adriatic sea. This road is part of the European route E65. Therefore, you can visit not only Sunny Montenegro, but also Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Burgas, Bulgaria

If you have arrived on vacation in the southernmost city of Bulgaria, then by all means rent a car. Take the route to Varna on the E87 and A5 roads and go straight to the road trip. Along the way, you will also visit the resort towns of Neserb, Sunny beach and Sveti Vlas. If you do not want to go so far, then take a car ride around the surrounding area. Burgas is surrounded by three lakes, if you wish, you can visit them in 1 day.

Travel is always good. But it is important to prepare for them in advance and trust proven car rental services. On you will find cars for rent in any class at the best prices.

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