The worlds first commercially available flying car has been announced by AeroMobil

The worlds first commercially available flying car has been announced by AeroMobil

Slovakia based engineering company AeroMobil announces the wolrd’s first 4-seater flying car. Being the second model of company’s revolutionary luxury personal vehicle, AM NEXT is the first commercially available flying car that ever existed.

As the creators present it, AM NEXT is not just a supercar and a light aircraft combined, it’s a new species of vehicle. Its cutting-edge automotive aerospace design and engineering was inspired by the mythical winged horse Pegasus. It transforms easily from car to aircraft, from driving to flying, in a matter of just three minutes, the press release states. 

The start of the deliveries is expected in 2024. As the AeroMobil’s CEO Patrick Hessel points out, AM NEXT is created to make your regional travel in the range of 160-800 km less time-consuming and far more enjoyable: 

“We are excited to announce the second revolutionary model of AeroMobil’s true flying car. Following AM4.0, the world’s first production flying car, AM NEXT will disrupt and democratize the regional travel market. It will provide a better, and in many cases previously unavailable, solution to trips in the 100-500 mile range”.

AeroMobil has developed two flying models at the moment: 

AM NEXT – a four seater door-to-door ride-hailing service

AM4.0 – a two seater luxury business vehicle 

The launch of AM NEXT’s primary business model is scheduled for 2027.

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