The UK car industry calls for creation of an electric charge watchdog

The UK car industry calls for creation of an electric charge watchdog

With the rapid growth in electric car sales in recent years, the automotive industry has realized there is a desperate need for a special watchdog that would oversee EVs charging prices and ensure widespread charging points across the UK. 

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Trades (SMMT), one of six registered cars in the UK last year are electric vehicles. Futhermore, the growth in sales is outstripping the rollout of charging points. SMMT has published a seven-point plan that will provide EV owners an “affordable, available and accessible” public charging network.

“This would keep the consumer at the heart of infrastructure planning and rollout to ensure every region of the UK is in readiness for the end of sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030, with a unified approach bringing together drivers, chargepoint operators, energy companies and local authorities,” the SMMT statement says.

In response to this, the UK governement said it was providing £1.3bn to expand the charging network. 

The reason for EVs sales soar is that charging is cheaper than fueling and as the world is heading to the zero-net emission plan, electric cars are better for the environment. 

Despite the increase in demand, electric cars remain a tiny fraction of the cars on roads these days. 

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