The most dangerous countries to drive in Europe

The most dangerous countries to drive in Europe

Any driver puts himself at risk on the road. Accidents involving even one car can cause irreparable damage to both the car itself and the driver's health.

The European Commission reports on road accidents annually. This allows to assess the effectiveness of measures to counter road traffic accidents and the efficiency of the current traffic rules.

Top 5 most dangerous countries

Statistics compiled using Canvas Holidays show how many accidents per 10 thousand inhabitants occur annually in a particular country. You should also not take the result for an absolute truth, because in countries with a large population, the number of accidents will be higher. We consider the probability of an accident and its percentage.

  1. Austria opens hit parade. Pedantic and very taciturn Austrians are more likely to get into accidents than other Europeans. In this small, but significant both from the point of view of history, and in the modern world, 43.6 accidents occur per 10 thousand people.
  2. Austria's closest neighbor, Germany, is by a small margin. The territory is several times larger and with a significantly larger population, the Germans manage to collide on the roads 37.2 times. The total number of accidents here, of course, is higher, but the likelihood of being in trouble is lower.
  3. The Belgians are in the bottom three: they have only 35 clashes per 10 thousand people a year. The small size of Belgium is worth considering. It may well be that you will witness one of the statistical accidents.
  4. The fourth line of the hit parade is shared by two countries at once: Slovenia and Portugal. If everything is more or less clear with the southern temperament of the Portuguese, then why restrained Slovenes so often collide on the roads is not clear. Both states show a disappointing 31 cases annually.
  5. Malta closes the top with 30 accidents per 10 thousand people. By the way, its closest neighbor, Italy, lags behind by only 1 case per year, but, as often happens, even one case is enough. Congratulations to Italy for not being in the top most emergency countries.

The safest countries for a driver

Considering statistics, sociologists focus on different factors: climate, citizens temperament, proportions of rich and poor, and much more. All these aspects together can affect the frequency of road accidents in one way or another.

However, there are five countries where road traffic is possible even with your eyes closed (this is a joke, please don't try!)

  • Denmark - 5 cases per year
  • Cyprus - 7.5
  • Finland - 8.5
  • France - 8.6
  • Poland - 8.9

It is these states that can be considered the most calm in terms of driving. Even though the traffic can be very busy, you will still feel confident in your safety.

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