The most beautiful places in Poland to go by car

The most beautiful places in Poland to go by car

Usually tourists in Poland visit just big cities: Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk, etc. However, there are many wonderful places that amaze with their beauty. In this article we will take a look at the beautiful Polish sights that can be visited by car.

Moszna Castle

Moszna Castle is a fabulous residence that was built in the XVII century. The historic building has 365 rooms, 99 towers and turrets, and it is surrounded by a large park, where you can find 300 year old oak trees. For many people the castle in Moszna brings to mind childhood and Walt Disney's fairy tales. Therefore, not only the youngest will fall in love with this place; its exterior amazes and it's really hard not to be under the impression that you are entering the queen's castle. Additionally, flowers in the garden smell beautifully and the loud croaking of frogs can be heard from the pond.Christ the King Statue

This statue is the tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the world, weighing 260 tonnes and standing 33 meters tall. Each hand is 6 meters in length and the distance between the ends of the fingers is 24 meters. It is composed of concrete and fibreglass. It is 3 meters taller than the better known statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, standing at 30.1 meters tall without its pedestal.

Slowinski National Park

Slowinski National Park is one of the 23 national parks in Poland and one of the only two seaside parks. This national park was formed to preserve the beauty of the ecosystem; the unchanged sea lakes (Lebsko and Gardno), swamps, forests, and especially the unique moving dunes. The environmentalists value the qualities of the Slowinski National Park and have placed it on the international lists of protected areas such as: HELCOMBSPA, World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, or wetland Ramsar.

Medieval town Torun

Torun is one of the oldest cities in Poland; it was first settled in the 8th century and in 1233 was expanded by the Teutonic Knights. For centuries it was home to people of diverse backgrounds and religions. From 1264 until 1411, Torun was part of the Hanseatic League and by the 17th century a leading trading point, which greatly affected the city's architecture, ranging from Brick Gothic to Mannerist and Baroque. Both the Old Town and the New Town have Gothic parish churches and numerous fine medieval brick townhouses, many of which have retained their original Gothic facades, partition walls, stucco-decorated ceilings, vaulted cellars, and painted decoration.

Morskie Oko

Morskie Oko is the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains, located at an altitude of 1,395 m above sea level. It is a place that is hard to believe that it exists because it is extremely beautiful, you will feel like in heaven when you reach this destination. The lake is surrounded by mountains on all sides: some of them rise a thousand meters above the surface of the lake. Usually tourists get to the Palenica Bialczanska area by car, and then walk 9 km.Jaskinia Raj

Jaskinia Raj is one of the most beautiful caves in Poland, enchanting with richness and diversity of calcite dripstones, and one of the most important Palaeolithic sites in the region of Swietokrzyskie. It consists of three main horizontal passages, which converge near the entrance (now the cave is opened through an artificial gallery and two longer passages are connected with an artificial gallery. The passages are attributed by very irregular shape and form more or less extensive chambers in the same places. Lower part of the passages is filled with varicolored clayey-silty-sandy sediments of Late Pleistocene covered by calcite flowstone.Use promocode VALENTINA5 to get a 5% discount on

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