The most beautiful places in Moscow at night

The most beautiful places in Moscow at night

People say that Moscow at night is completely different. Exactly at this time of day city transforms and lights up with thousands of lights. A ride through the night metropolis will be a pleasure for both local residents and guests of the capital. We have prepared for you a selection of the most beautiful places in the night capital, where you can go by car.

Vorob`evi gori

It is traditionally considered to be one of the main viewing platforms in Moscow, offering a wonderful panoramic view of the entire city. You can admire the glowing Moscow city from afar and see all seven of Stalin's skyscrapers at once. In summer, a special spirit of freedom reigns in the evening and at night on the Vorob`evi gori - here is one of the favorite meeting places for motorcyclists and riders.

Poklonnaya gora

At night, Poklonnaya Gora changes its appearance and acquires a special shade of mystery. On the territory of Park Pobedy in the dark, all the fountains begin to glow with red lights, making a special ominous impression. Flower beds and a giant flower clock is also highlighted. If you drive from the Park towards the center along Kutuzovsky Avenue, you can also look at the glowing triumphal arch.

Moscow Сity

To really feel the atmosphere of the modern Russian capital, you must go to the business center of Moscow city. At night, skyscrapers look even more impressive than during the day. You should not drive up to the high-rise buildings themselves, as it will not be so convenient to look at them close up. The best way to see them is to drive along the Taras Shevchenko embankment, where you can turn off from Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

New Arbat

New Arbat comes to life at night. After driving through it, you will see that Moscow really never sleeps. Restaurants and bars are open until morning. And "house-books", which many do not like for their gray appearance, are illuminated at night with bright illuminations, creating a party atmosphere.

Mokhovaya street

During the day on Mokhovaya usually traffic jams and a lot of people, but at night there is no commotion and the street is deserted. Drive slowly and enjoy the view of the illuminated Bolshoi Theater, the beautiful buildings of the Moscow state University and the majestic Lenin library.

Red Square

Of course, we must not forget about the main square of the country. At night, there are no crowds of tourists on it, and no one will prevent you from viewing the St. Basil's Cathedral and admiring the glowing yellow lights of GUM. You will be able to reach red square by the charming Il`inka street, which will lead you directly to the church and the riverfront.

After visiting all the places described in the order we gave, you will make a small car ride around Moscow and see all the most atmospheric places of the night capital!

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