The BMW iX Flow changes body color

The BMW iX Flow changes body color

At the CES 2022 technology show, BMW presented two new products that instantly won the attention of the whole world: the iX M60 electric SUV and a 31-inch screen with Amazon Fire TV. However, the main trump card of BMW was something that is still hard to comprehend — the concept of iX Flow, which is able to change its color!

The iX Flow concept is based on the iX SUV. It is an electric car that is covered with a material called E Ink. It's used in e-book displays like the Kindle. This material is what allows the car to change color in the blink of an eye.

For now, the iX Flow can only change its color between white, gray, and black, but BMW has assured us that other colors are possible in the future. The car body is coated with millions of microcapsules containing negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. These microcapsules, which are as thick as human hair, can be stimulated by an electric field and change the color of the car.

BMW sees several options for using E Ink technology in the creation of future cars. First, the color-changing cover allows them to adjust the appearance of their car depending on their aesthetic preferences. E Ink can also make the car more sustainable; in hot and sunny conditions, iX Flow can turn white to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the car's body and reduce the need for air conditioning.

In cold weather, iX Flow can switch to black to absorb as much heat as possible and reduce the energy consumption of the heating system. Using this climate control will help the electric car maintain more range at more extreme temperatures. BMW also suggests applying this material inside the car, for example, on the dashboard, to protect it from overheating.

E Ink technology is also very energy efficient, as it uses energy only during the rapid color-changing phase. BMW did not specify the production capabilities of the E Ink technology presented at iX Flow, but reported that it is not expensive to apply, which allows E Ink to be used in mass production.

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