The best beaches in Turkey

The best beaches in Turkey

For European tourists, Turkey is usually associated exclusively with all-inclusive hotels and souvenir shops. But if you try to go beyond the usual hotel, you will realize that Turkey is a great country that combines incredible scenery, oriental color, and European service. Especially since you'll enjoy visiting wild beaches! A long, sandy coast, turquoise water, bright lagoons, and even waterfalls! GetRentacar has compiled a list of Turkish beaches for you, whose views will remind you of the Maldives. Welcome!

Oludeniz Lagoon, Fethiye

Oludeniz Bay near Fethiye is a nature reserve, a landmark, and a cozy resort. It is compared to the most beautiful beaches in the Indian Ocean islands or the Caribbean Sea. A combination of white sand, green hills, and turquoise water is unique. In addition to beach day here, you can fly a paraglider or rent a yacht and go on a cruise around the Aegean islands.

Butterfly Valley, Fethiye

This is a beautiful beach, hidden from the eyes by the rocks. It is accessible only by water, but everybody who has been there knows that it is worth the effort. Butterfly Valley beach is especially beautiful at sunset, as it is located on the side where the sun goes down. It is a pleasure to watch the sun circle below the horizon, giving incredible colors to the sky. If you have time, hike up the mountain trail to the village of Faralla. The view from the top of the hill is breathtaking, and thousands of colorful butterflies flutter over its slopes, giving the feeling of a fairy tale.

Kaputas, Kaš

Kaputas is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Turkey, with clear turquoise water and stunning views. It is not at all like the beaches of Turkey, which tourists see in the pictures of travel guides, and many mistake it for the beaches of Bali or the Caribbean. Kaputas beach is not easy to find, but its golden fine sand and blue water are worth the search. The location is quite far from civilization, so be sure to stock up on food and water before heading here for a vacation.

Cleopatra Beach, Sedir Island

This unique beach is located near the tourist town of Marmaris. What makes it unique? The sand! It has a special structure that is not found along the whole coast, and scientists are still wondering where it is from. But the locals say they know the secret: Mark Anthony gave this island to his beloved Cleopatra, and when she complained about the bad sand, he ordered the ships to deliver the best sand from Egypt to the beach. Whether it's true or not, we are not destined to find out, but the Turkish authorities are very careful about this beach, so you can't walk here with shoes on and lie on a towel! 

Olympos, Cirali

Despite the fact that Olympos is in the heart of tourism in Turkey - between Kas and Antalya - it remains a secret for most vacationers. There are no big hotels here, but the beach boasts small private hotels, which makes the town cozier and quieter. The beach itself is declared a protected area, so it is always clean and quiet, and the silence is broken only by the splash of turquoise waves on a picturesque rock. If you get tired of seaside rest, you can climb the Chimaera Mountain, where a fire of natural origin has been burning for more than 2000 years.

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