Tesla Model 3: the future nearby

Tesla Model 3: the future nearby

Electric cars are increasingly gaining market share. And while many companies are just planning, Tesla is already acting.

As the name suggests, the Model 3 is the third production model of the California-based company, not counting the Roadster that was discontinued in 2012. It has absorbed the best features of its predecessors and got a few branded details, but about everything in order.


While being examined, Elon Musk’s sedan immediately catches the eye with the lack of a radiator lattice, which is not surprising, because there is simply nothing to take air from the external environment. The internal combustion engine needed oxygen from the outside, and the electric motor does just fine without it. Externally, the Model 3 does not shine with some bold elements, although it looks stylish and futuristic.

Special attention should be paid to the front sculptural bumper, designed by the company's engineers to minimize air drag. Thanks to it, the third Tesla is one of the best production cars in terms of its aerodynamic characteristics. The hood is topped with led optics and flows smoothly into the panoramic front window, from there it elegantly goes aft with a neat trunk and lights.

In general, the third Tesla makes a pleasant impression. This sedan was clearly designed with the love and care of the design team. All the decorative elements here are in place, look organic and beautiful.


Until now, the main characteristics of engines in reviews were horsepower and torque. However, the language does not turn to apply such units of measurement to an electric motor. Its distinctive feature is the complete absence of peaks and drawdowns in performance. The eco-friendly engine works consistently which makes it the undisputed leader in efficiency.

For convenience, we still use the classic parameters. So, Model 3 comes with two engine variations:

  1. Standard has 235 «horses» and a powerful battery with 60 kW/h on board. A fully charged battery lasts for about 354 kilometers. Moreover, the car accelerates to hundreds in 5.6 seconds, and stops accelerating when it reaches the threshold of 209 km/h. It is important to mention the speed of energy refilment. From a regular socket Tesla takes 48 kilometers of mileage in an hour, and from a charging station 209 km — in 30 minutes.
  2. An advanced version of the motor is called the Long Range. The battery here is " more cheerful” and already boasts 85 kW/h. Set the first hundred will be 0.4 seconds faster, and the maximum speed is limited to 225 km/h. However, the most important thing is that this equipment is already able to cover 500 kilometers without recharging, which will significantly affect the quality and total travel time.


Where Tesla can really surprise is inside. Despite the minimalistic design, many drivers are used to numerous triggers, buttons and controllers. The Model 3 doesn't have any of this. Not a single one.

All car and interior systems are controlled from a giant 14.5-inch touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard. And there is no dashboard as such. A window starts right behind the wheel: all measurements and data are displayed on the screen. Want to open the hood or cover of the battery charger? Tap the button on the screen. Want to change the climate control settings? Button. Need to change the music or just speed up the windscreen wipers? That's right, press the button.

The decision is quite controversial in terms of ease of management during the ride. Of course, with autopilot enabled, there will be plenty of time to try out all the settings and see what else you can do, but most drivers will still habitually look for the familiar buttons on the steering wheel or to their right.

As for the finishing itself, it is made of high quality materials. A convenient and ergonomic board for the driver and passenger includes cup holders, a shelf with smartphone chargers, and spacious boxes. The passengers in the back got quite a lot of space that can easily accommodate three people. If desired, you can lower the paired cup holder in the middle of the back sofa.

Rent Tesla Model 3

Although Musk claimed that he was making a car for a wide audience, it is a stretch to call it such. The average price in the USA is about $35,000. However, this is not a reason to despair, because you can always rent an electric car and try its branded features. Now everyone has a chance to experience the famous autopilot and then post a story about how you drive "without hands" on Instagram.

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