Supercars for kids by famous auto brands

Supercars for kids by famous auto brands

To make a child’s desire «to be a driver as a parent» come true, auto concerns have created kid-sized cars. Here are the five most popular models that you’ll probably want to get for your child. Or for yourself. 

Aston Martin DB5 

Aston Martin in partnership with Little Car Company created a DB5 model car — a replica of the famous James Bond DB5 sportscar. This model was timed to the premiere of the «No Time to Die» movie about the adventures of Agent 007. As a James Bond car, DB5 has spy gadgets — skid mode, a smokescreen, and twin fake guns. This car has an electric motor and it may accelerate to 72 kilometers per hour. The fully-charged battery provides 130 kilometers of riding. The price is also impressive — $125,000 plus taxes. 

McLaren GT Ride-On

GT Ride-On is the fourth model in McLaren’s children’s toy range. This kid-sized McLaren has dihedral-opening doors, a real GT engine noise, and LED taillights. Other features include a working dashboard, seat belts, and a real boot. 

“The new GT Ride-On allows even the smallest of fans to explore the magic of driving our cars. We are proud to encourage younger minds to become the next supercar enthusiasts generation», — Hayley Robinson, of McLaren’s merchandising department, said. Children’s GT Ride-On price starts at $230 and goes to $330, depending on the options. 

Hyundai 45 concept

Hyundai revealed its first EV for kids that is based on the 45 concept car. The little one has the same angular "kinetic cube lamp" body with an open roof. Two electric motors allow reaching the speed of about 7 km/h. The main feature that differs little Hyundai from its larger cousin is the unique technology that senses a child’s mood via facial expressions and makes appropriate adjustments to the music and lighting. Also, it may measure heart rate and respiration by advanced sensors. The price and release date are kept a secret.

Bugatti Baby II

Bugatti Baby II was created to celebrate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary and to inspire younger fans to explore the Bugatti world. Baby II has three versions: Base, Expert, and Vitesse. The base model may accelerate to 20 km/h, Expert to 45 km/h, Vitesse to 70 km/h. Price also depends on version type — it starts with $34,800 and goes to $67,500. 

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa J

This Ferrari is a masterpiece of engineering — it has a hand-made aluminum body, scaled-down copy of original tires, premium-quality leather seats, a proper Nardi steering wheel. In addition, all little Ferrari got a glorious exterior that is inherent in the style of the company. Designed to be driven by anyone over the age of 14, Testa Rossa J is suitable for teenagers either for adult. Kid-sized car is powered by an electric motor and accelerate to 60 km/h. Even though this is a child's car, Testa Rossa J comes with an adult price — $110,000. Not a cheap toy!

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