Stella Vita, a fully sustainable camper from the Netherlands

Stella Vita, a fully sustainable camper from the Netherlands

Stella Vita is the world's first solar-powered mobile home designed by the solar team Eindhoven, a team of 22 students of the Eindhoven University of Technology. With its solar panels on the roof, the vehicle generates enough energy for both travel and life, including all the necessities such as making coffee, cooking or taking a shower.

The designers wanted to inform the user of their energy consumption. The camping vehicle provides a living and working environment that is simply based on the energy of the sun. It ensures enough energy to drive, recharge your laptop or watch TV. The user should decide how to use the power. An infotainment system shows exactly the remaining energy and options you have with this amount.

730 km without charging and harming the environment

Students from the Eindhoven University of Technology designed Stella Vita, a motor home that can travel up to 730 km on a sunny day and reach up to 600 km when it is cloudy. Large solar panels on its roof take a wing shape when unfolded, doubling the solar surface to 17.5 sqm, recharging the batteries faster and fully recharged in about two sunny days. In the meantime, a covered, extensive living space is created when the roof is raised.

Eindhoven to Tarifa, powered by the sun

Today, the solar team Eindhoven has completed a 3,000-km journey across Europe. Stella Vita started in the Netherlands, then drove all the way to Tarifa, the most southern city in Spain.

The students made 13 stops during the journey — Eindhoven, Zolder, Brussels, Paris, Le mans, Ile de Ré, Bordeaux, Biarritz, Zaragoza, Toledo, Madrid, Córdoba, and Tarifa — where they shared their sustainable mission with local governments, universities, and members of the public.

Stella Vitta showcases the future of travel

"With our self-sustaining house on wheels, we show we can live and drive only on the energy of the sun," says solar team Eindhoven. "We want to inspire the current market and society to speed up the transition towards a sustainable future. We will visit various companies, universities and governmental institutions. In addition, we will also visit many beautiful places to show the future of traveling."

After a difficult start due to an untested power train, Stella Vita and the students made their way to Brussels. Here, they visited the European Parliament to discuss sustainability with MEP Tom Berendsen. The team was also guests at the Dutch residence, together with the Alliance for Solar Mobility, ASOM.

During the French leg of the trip, the team attended an event at the Dutch residence in Paris to discuss the importance of open innovation. They also visited the Renault Design Center to discuss how mobility can play a role in a sustainable future. In Bordeaux, students held a conference for residents to tell them about the mission.

After France, Stella Vita drove to Zaragoza in Spain. The students organized an event about how mobility fits into a sustainable future, and visited the university to talk to professors and students. On October 7th, the team arrived in Madrid and visited the Dutch Embassy, as well as two technical universities. Finally, on October 15th, Stella Vita reached the finish line in Tarifa, completing the tour and 3,000 km powered only by the sun’s energy.

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