South Korea is opening to tourists

South Korea is opening to tourists

Since April 1, South Korea opens for fully vaccinated travelers from around the world to enter and travel throughout the country. You have no need to be in quarantine if you have received the last dose of a full COVID-19 vaccine regimen in the last six months or have had a booster shot after the full course of the vaccine.

Travelers have to upload vaccine info to Q-CODE before entering the country, as well as other information like passport number and entry information, including airline, departure country, phone number, and more. The system will give you a QR code, which you must scan upon entry.

There are still some exemptions to this new quarantine-free entry rule: travelers from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Myanmar must still be quarantined for seven days. The Korea Tourism Organization believes that relaxed entry requirements will lead to a greater number of international travelers, especially since popular Korean culture and technology are spreading excitement about the country.

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