Six rarest cars sold in 2021

Six rarest cars sold in 2021

The estimable Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders recently published a list of the ten most popular used cars bought by Britons in 2021. For those still wandering in a haze, this was last year.

Of course, habit, convenience, and times of crisis shorten long and interesting bendy roads to the most familiar straight roads. But there were daredevils out there. asked the estimable Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders for some lesser-known used cars that changed hands last year. And the list is both remarkable, heart-warming, and presented forthwith.

Ford Popular

One of the cheapest new cars in Britain back in the day when it was launched, the venerable Pop was Ford doing what Ford does best: motoring for the masses. Slightly less of the whole "masses" thing last year, because one solitary Popular was exchanged for "some" money.

Morgan 4/4

"Wait, is that an old Morgan or a new Morgan because they haven't changed?". And yet, that's why TG is a big fan of the classic British carmaker. Yes, they're modern underneath now — set to become even more modern soon — but it's such an iconic shape, who’d begrudge them keeping it familiar? One person clearly thought so last year.

Humber Imperial

Humber was one of the UK's earliest motor manufacturers—we're talking about the turn of the 20th century stuff — and one of the last and most luxurious versions of its "Super Snipe" series was traded last year. That's right, a plucky human being bought one Humber Imperial in 2021.


Apparently, BMC sold just over 100k versions of the delightful MG A roadster in the decade it was on sale (1950s). Most were exported, with only a handful staying home, but an even tinier handful changed hands last year. And by handful, it means… one.

Triumph Dolomite

A solitary Dolomite was exchanged for monies in 2021. We do not know how much money, nor do we know which variety of Dolomite was traded. Probably not the delightful Sprint pictured here. It is at this point that we could throw in a gag about British Leyland, but that analogy would have broken down quickly.

Morris Minor

This post-war classic was one of Britain's most popular cars in its heyday, designed by Alec Issigonis. You may have heard of him. In 2021, this post-war classic was not one of Britain's most popular cars. It was actually one of Britain’s rarest used cars, because just three changed hands.

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