Road trip tours in Italy

Road trip tours in Italy

Italy has opened its doors for tourists — travelers from 26 countries can renew their enjoyment from the sun, Italian cuisine, excellent wines and architectural sights. In addition, tourists can pass away a two-week quarantine, according to The Local. The Italian authorities have decided to abolish the mandatory of week quarantine for citizens from EU countries. Great news!

However, not all countries are allowed to visit Italy today. For example, they are ready to open borders for Russia from June 15, but there is no official statement yet. Do not despair — it's the perfect time to prepare for the trip! We have compiled several routes for you for the future road trip.

For beach enthusiasts — books in one hand and wine in another

The first route by car includes a visit to Naples, Ischia, Capri, Pompeii and Sorrento. Arriving in Rome, you can get to Naples by train. Rent a room with a sea view and after having a rest and a cup of aromatic coffee, go by car to Capri, an island with gorgeous landscapes and the azure sea. Here you can fully relax from the bustle of the city. Ischia beckons with thermal parks, Italian cuisine, and beautiful sea views from the terraces located by the cafe. In Pompeii you will plunge into Roman Republic era. Do you remember what fatal incident buried this city alive? To complete this road trip in Italy at it best - make your way to Sorrento, which is lost among lemon trees, orange orchards and cliffs.

For authentic and non-tourist part of Italy lovers

Our next equally interesting route is from Rome to Alberobello with a visit to Bari, Monopoli and Lecce. Pay attention to the interesting town of Monopoli. There are beautiful beaches, and in the vicinity there are many beautiful places. Be sure to check out Bari, especially the old part of town. In the maze of old streets you can stroll for hours on end, and along the way you should look into the Swabian castle, the Cathedral of St. Sabine and the Basilica of St. Nicholas. A visit to Alierobello will surely please your child. This city is like a fabulous village of hobbits or dwarfs.

For lovers of leisurely walks, long conversations and genuine wine

You also can not ignore the north side of Italy. However, it will not be a question of an obvious journey through cities such as Genoa, Turin, Milan and Venice. There is no less fascinating route from Florence to Montepulciano, and from there to Siena and Volterra. Once you get to Florence, try to stay here for a day and explore the city in the morning or in the evening, when the main wave of tourists has passed. Then visit the wine tale of Italy - Montepulciano, where in addition to wine you can feel the real atmosphere of Tuscany. The next day, make your way to Siena. From here it will be convenient to get to Lucca and Voltaire, where for excursion walks it is better to use the services of a guide, especially when visiting wineries.

We understand how much we want to finally break out from the four walls and enjoy the headwind while driving a beautiful car. But look at it from the other side: while there is time to think about the route to the smallest details and look forward to this long-awaited moment. And takes care of the safety of your trip and the receipt of the most pleasant emotions.

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