Road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

If you think this route is typical, then do not rush to draw such conclusions. For this road trip, we have collected for you all the beauty of megalopolises, national parks, canyons and the Pacific coast.

Route: Los Angeles - Monterey - San Francisco - Mammoth Lakes - Las Vegas

Time: 6-7 days

Kilometers: 2,285 (1,400 miles)

So, before the road, check you have all documents, book a car and motels, grab a camera and a good mood.

1. Los Angeles

If you have just arrived and have not yet had time to rent a car, then look for it here. It will be more convenient to move within the city borders by your own transport. The dynamic and at the same time slow pace of life in a big city will drag you down, and you will not have time to see anything even in a week. Therefore, we advise you to make a list of places where citizens go and check them immediately.

We recommend that you start your first day with breakfast at any local cafe: coffee with donut or cake. Then go to the rocky Matador beach: there are always few people here, so relax to your full and have time to take a couple of memorable pictures. If you want to surf, go to Huntington beach. In the afternoon, climb the Hollywood hills and spend the evening at a local downtown bar. We hope you won't forget where your motel is located.

Leave early in the morning. There are 511 kilometers (311 miles) to the next point. It's a 5-hour drive, but we recommend that you increase your travel time a little and stop by Santa Monica, Malibu, and drive along the coast as much longer as possible to enjoy the ocean views. Set aside a whole day for such a trip.

2. Monterey

A charming California town with low-rise houses, Spanish architecture, the largest aquarium and a picturesque bay.

We are sure that you had a good night in Monterey and already missed driving. Take a shower and hurry along the 17-mile road. Most of the automobile route runs along the Pacific coast. Bring a blanket and a picnic basket, park your car, and make yourself comfortable on the beach. Well, if you suddenly find binoculars, you can observe fur seals on the rocky Islands near the coast. Entrance to the Park is paid.

If you miss the social life and noise of the city, then take a walk to the center during the day. Having lunch at any restaurant order flounder or artichokes, which are considered local delicacies. Head to San Francisco in the evening.

San Francisco is 183 kilometers (113 miles), 2 hours of driving, and a beautiful sunset on Monterey Bay away. Be sure to stop to admire it.

3. San Francisco

We warn you right away: parking is not cheap here, and it is difficult to find a free spot. If you arrive in the evening, have dinner in Japantown. It's like Chinatown, only with Japanese restaurants and shops - you can imagine yourself in another country for a couple of hours.

Start the morning with a walk along the hilly Lombard Street, the most famous in the city. By the way, it will be most convenient to get to the Golden Gate bridge, the symbol of San Francisco. After a long walk, relax in the Fisherman's Wharf, eat oysters and go on a trip by the ferry to the island Alcatraz (yes, the most famous American prison). You can spend the evening at the Museum or on a picnic at Ocean Beach.

The next stop on the route is Mammoth Lakes. The road to the city will be no less picturesque. In 5.5 hours you will pass the bridge between San Francisco and Oakland, many parks, canyons and nature reserves. Take your time, make stops for photos or go to cafes. The entire journey will take 422 kilometers (262 miles). Leave early in the morning to spend time at the next point.

4. Mammoth Lakes

Here are the mountains! The ski village welcomes guests all year round: even in summer you can ride a board. But if you are not a fan of winter entertainment, then build a route to Yosemite national Park on the Tiyoga Pass road. What awaits you here? Nature, lots of wildlife: forest, lakes, Alpine fields, waterfalls, wild animals and unique experiences. Stock up on food, warm clothes and go!

There are many routes in the Park - 1300 km of Hiking trails and more than 500 kilometers for cars. Choose how it will be more convenient for you to travel. We recommend that you visit the Yosemite valley (this is only 1% of the entire Yosemite area). By the way, the entrance to the Park is paid — it costs about $35.

We do not recommend staying in local hotels for the night, as the prices here are very high. Best of all, go back to Mammoth lakes.

Vegas is a 5-hour drive and 500 kilometers (308 miles) away. Take a full day on this part of the road trip to catch a glimpse of death Valley national Park.

5. Las Vegas

Get ready for a contrasting change of scenery: now, instead of walking trails, trees and birdsong, you will see neon signs, noisy streets, casinos and restaurants. This is Vegas! We think that gambling is definitely not worth it here, but you need to visit the main street, Strip, to feel the mood of the city. In addition, this street contains all the famous sights of the world: the Sphinx, the Eiffel tower, the Statue of Liberty and many others. Don't forget to take a photo in front of the famous "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas" sign.

By the way, there's the Grand Canyon just around the corner. It is within 2 hours and 205 km (127 miles). Don't miss the chance to visit one of the oldest nature parks and deepest canyons in the world.

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