Range Rover 50th anniversary

Range Rover 50th anniversary

In 2020 Range Rover celebrated its 50th birthday. In honor of such an event, Jaguar Land Rover released a new special version of the Range Rover Fifty, which has become available on the market since November 2020. Let's take a look at the history of the emergence and development of this unrivaled SUV, which over the past 50 years has become a truly iconic model.

In the late 1960s, Rover CTO Charles Spencer King, nephew of the founders of Land Rover, proposed combining the comfort and handling of Rover sedans with the off-road capabilities of Land Rover in one model. Probably, this moment was the beginning of the first large-scale 100-inch model of the new car. After a few years, on May 17, 1970 the world's first SUV with a permanent all-wheel-drive system was presented.

This moment wasn't the last one when Range Rover's become a discoverer. In 1989, Range Rover became the first all-wheel-drive SUV to feature an anti-lock braking system. In 1992, this SUV was the first to receive electronic traction control (ETC) and automatically adjustable electronic air suspension. Yes, this is the suspension that delivers the legendary on-road and off-road facilities. In 2012 Range Rover got a lightweight, all-aluminum body structure for increased durability and efficiency. It was the first SUV that ever received such a design!Range Rover won customers' love not only with impressive updates: these cars always try to find out the driver's needs and combine its salvation with the company's character. Remember the 2005 Range Rover Sport? This vehicle combines the luxury and capabilities of a large SUV with thrilling dynamics and sporty character.

In 2010 was the debut of the compact Range Rover Evoque, focused on urban life. Later, in 2017, the Range Rover Velar was introduced, filling the niche between Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque. Velar complements the range of models with its emphatically laconic, clean design and high-tech interior.

For the long 50 years, Range Rover did not slow down the pace of development, constantly striking everyone with the latest technology and design, flexible character, and unsurpassed quality. And of course, no one was left indifferent by the anniversary version of the SUV - Range Rover Fifty, which was limited to 1,970 copies in honor of the year when the first original Range Rover was born.

Range Rover Fifty is based on the Autobiography trim. Its exterior has exclusive styling features in Auric Atlas, as well as two 22-inch rims. Fun Fact: The Fifty lettering font was designed by Land Rover's chief designer, Professor Jerry McGovern, Order of the British Empire.

The designer believes that "in the world of luxury vehicles, Range Rover has always held a special place due to its impeccability and endurance". Also, he says that "its unique capabilities, an incomparable level of technical sophistication are enduring values that have delighted and attracted our customers since the model was introduced in 1970".

The Anniversary Range Rover is available in four unique colors: Carpathian Gray, Rosello Red, Aruba, and Santorini Black. But in even more limited editions, it is possible to get the body paint in one of three Heritage colors that mimic the color palette of the original Range Rover: Tuscan Blue, Bahama Gold, and Davos White.

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