Porsche Cayenne Coupe: an unusual sports SUV

Porsche Cayenne Coupe: an unusual sports SUV

The most recognizable model of the German brand has become a real hit thanks to its unusual design and technical innovations. And now Cayenne has also received a coupe-like body.


Upon first inspection, the well-integrated features of the already well-known sports coupes from the same manufacturer are immediately apparent. The main goal of the Cayenne in the new body is to defend the SUV market and win off potential customers from competitors thanks to its innovative approach.

I must say that the SUV has every chance of achieving its goals. The appearance of the SUV is still beautiful and recognizable, both from the front and from the back. However, instead of a square stern, it received an elegant, flowing roof curve that merges into the tailgate. The model retains the distinctive headlight design and, of course, the notch in the rear bumper with fasteners for the registration number.

Sly squint of the front optics, expressive wheel arches and wedge-shaped outlines of the taillights give out in this impudent swift body all the same Cayenne that we know and love well.


The four-wheel drive SUV is powered by three engine variations, with the first and second differing only in performance, while the latter does something completely indescribable.

So, all possible Cayenne engines are made of aluminum and have a V-shape.

  1. The first, «basic» engine is 3 liters for 6 cylinders. Turbocharger, intercooler, active variable valve timing — everything is included. The motor is powerful enough and accelerates 340 «horses» and 450 available torque without any problems.
  2. The second variation is the same gasoline unit, but with slightly «charged» parameters. It has already 440 forces and 550 Nm of torque on board.
  3. The most powerful of the line-up, the eight-cylinder aluminum engine with two turbochargers has taken another hundred points forward. 550 horsepower and as much as 770 Nm of peak traction at medium revs are already waiting in the wings. It is a pleasure to squeeze the power out of such a setup.

Porsche's driving performance has remained at the highest level. From a place the car starts quickly and after 4-6 seconds it switches to three-digit numbers on the speedometer. The top speed ranges between 243 and 286 km / h. Of course, the best performance is available only to the engine in the Turbo configuration, it is the third in our list.

Salon and finishing

The interior is not particularly different from the older «brother», the classic SUV. All the same premium materials have been used here, the general style, familiar to everyone who has ever been behind the wheel of their own or rented car of this brand, has been preserved.

We should also note the incredible ergonomics and high build quality of all elements. The three-spoke multifunction steering wheel is complemented by a huge multimedia system touchscreen. The gear lever is short enough, sits on a wide «stand» and is framed by some damn attractive analogue switches for the internal systems.

The driver's and front passenger's seats can be called standard, but the rear companions are in for a surprise. There are only two seats with built-in headrests, which creates the feeling of a trip in the front of the car. Of course, there is the option of replacing the twin seats with a classic sofa, but the central passenger will still be as uncomfortable as possible due to a sufficiently high tunnel under the car floor.

Porsche Cayenne rental

The price tag for a luxury car starts at several thousands. Not the most optimistic news for middle-income people. But they can always rent a SUV on our website and enjoy the ride. By the way, the power of the Cayenne is quite enough to ford small streams, so if you have been planning to go camping for a long time - now is the time!

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