Porsche 718 2025 will be the companys most advanced car

Porsche 718 2025 will be the companys most advanced car

Porsche launches a new line of cars called the "718". This line will be all-electric, as opposed to the "911" line, which will never include electric cars. The "718" cars will still be sold in both Boxster and Cayman versions. And while the company hasn't made a statement yet, we assume the Boxster will keep its cloth top. The body design will remain visually close to the current models, but it will have a new "electric front end" with wider headlights, just like on the Taycan.

The company has not yet demonstrated the interior, but we know that it will be more futuristic than the Taycan. In creating the user interface, Porsche has taken into account the customers’ wishes: in China, the most important market, the average age of the 718 buyer is only 31 years old. Consequently, the entire multimedia system is customized for the requirements of this age group.

Most likely, one of the disadvantages will be the range. The company suggests that the range will be 400 kilometers. At the moment, Porsche is working hard to increase the range and battery performance.

The start of sales of the "718" is scheduled for 2025 in the U.S. The current models with gasoline engines will also be improved and sold in the near future. The continuation of sales is questionable due to the upcoming revision of Euro 7 emission standards.

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