Not just Zhiguli: TOP-5 Soviets unique cars

Not just Zhiguli: TOP-5 Soviets unique cars

Nowadays soviets cars unlike other vintage autos are not extremely popular on market. But there are actually a few models you might want to pay attention to. Check our list and you will agree with us.

Let’s go!

1. "Pobeda-Sport"

First place should definitely be given to the “Pobeda-Sport '' — a soviet built two-seater sport coupé, created especially for races in the 1950's. “Pobeda-Sport” was an experimental car which was constantly upgraded for soviet speed racers so they could get the best results. Already back in 1955 the car had the ability to reach speeds of up to 180 km per hour.

2. ZIS-115

This unique armored car came in limited release with just 56 piece made by special order of Stalin himself. It’s a six-seater limo with seats upholstered with cloth and stuffed with down. On the outside the car was packed with plane armour and the floor was protected with tank armour. It was one heavy car of course: about four tons in the lightest version.

3. Leningrad-1

Probably the most unique car created in the dawn of the soviet auto industry. Generally, it was a copy of the Buick but constructed in Leningrad. Car was released only once in six copies, and right after production it was discontinued and all the documents were given to other projects. There is no information if any of these six cars are still operational. 

4. ZIL-118 “Youth”

This futuristic minivan with a smooth ride was created on a voluntary basis by the employers of Lichachev’s factory, who had been working on the production of executive cars. The "Youth'' wasn't a technical miracle of any kind, but it was a well designed car.LA light and bright minibus with an hatch on top looked modern and stylish. However the mass production of the model wasn't set because of the model price. Only 20 cars werу released and two of them became hospital cars.

5. GAZ-13 “Chaika”(“Seagull”)

This executive car was created for representatives of the Government. It took its design from Packard, Plymouth, Chevrolet and a few other models of the time. The model was produced to replace ZIM-12, which to that time hadn’t looked modern at all.

But designers' decisions weren’t the only upgraded things in “Chaika”. There was an engine made from aluminium, the framework of the main car’s part was also made with light metals. Modified version of GAZ-13 for years was used at Mosfilm Studio in film-making.

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