Nissan Qashqai: the crossover that made it

Nissan Qashqai: the crossover that made it

The first-generation Nissan Qashqai was a real breakthrough in the field of urban cars, presenting the world with a comfortable and compact SUV that confidently demonstrates its capabilities in heavy traffic. The first version of the crossover was being produced for 3 years, from 2014 to 2017, until it underwent a restyling and was reborn into a new more sporty and spectacular SUV.


The second generation successfully retained the outstanding features of the older model and got a couple of new chips, which we will tell you more about. First of all, it is worth noting the company's V-shaped design. Almost all the key elements are made in this form: starting from the running lights and ending with the finishing of the radiator lattice. The full-face of the car is complemented by pointed running lights, which give it a bold and even slightly provocative predatory look.

From the side, Kashkai can’t boast of anything special. Rather boring door contours framed by medium wheel arches have only one spectacular element — the sharply upturned outlines of the rear windows.

The rear part of the crossover still corresponds to the facade: in addition to the shark fin on the roof, it is decorated with a shaped visor over the glass, beautiful «boomerangs» of parking lights and rather elegant contours of the door.


Under the hood of the second Kashkai is based one of the three power plants. Two of the available options are petrol and one is diesel. All engines are inline and based on 4 cylinders.

The basic configuration includes an overly modest petrol engine with a capacity of only 1.2 liters. Even turbocharging does not add power, as a result of which the SUV squeezes no more than 115 «horses» and its peak thrust reaches 190 n/m. With such far from athletic characteristics, the second Kashkai accelerates to hundreds in a long 12 seconds, and the speed limit is capped at 185 km/h.

The more advanced model already boasts a two-liter engine with direct injection. The model is slightly faster than the basic version: it is ahead by 30 HP and only 10 n/m of available torque. Acceleration here is faster by 1 second, but gluttony grows by a whole liter: from 6.2 at the base to 7.7 at the charged engine. Of course, all this is in mixed mode.

The diesel unit, the only one in this line, occupies the middle position between the gasoline brothers. Volume of 1.6 liters, already 130 «stallions» under the hood and as much as 320 n/m of torque. Acceleration in such an engine, of course, is slower: it takes 11 seconds for the diesel engine to exchange the first hundred. But fuel consumption per 100 kilometers in mixed mode is the most democratic: only 5 liters.


Inside, Nissan Qashqai combines style and ergonomics with incredible skill and harmony, resulting in a confident product with a pleasant atmosphere. It is worth noting the dashboard of this SUV. Of course, everything is accessible and clear here, so that the driver spends a minimum of his time trying to navigate the switches. The three-spoke multi-wheel is elegantly flattened at the bottom and has all the necessary switches right at your fingertips.

No less interesting are the front seats with a pronounced side profile. Of course, they do not reach the sports level, but they are guaranteed to provide back support on long trips. The rear sofa can accommodate up to 3 adult passengers, but it does not shine with increased comfort. Flat profile and rigid filling may not be the best solution, but we have what we have.

Rent Nissan Qashqai

The SUV by Nissan is perfect for a family trip or a trip to nature with friends. Moderately roomy, reliable and unassuming, this SUV perfectly copes with its tasks. By the way, you can rent it on our website. Register to get access to all the features, and go on a journey in a newly rented car!

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