New electric cars may be less reliable than petrol and diesel models

New electric cars may be less reliable than petrol and diesel models

A study of Which Agency reveals that a higher percentage of electric car owners reported problems with their vehicle in the first four years, and that electric vehicles also spend longer off the road if they are faulty.

31% of electric car owners reported a problem with their vehicle in the first four years. That compared with 19% of people with petrol cars, and 29% with diesel cars. The study also found that faulty electric vehicles spend five days off the road ― compared with three and four days for petrol and diesel cars, respectively.

The general perception is that electric vehicles are more reliable than petrol or diesel cars, because they have fewer moving parts. The most common faults with electric vehicles were software problems, not motor or battery problems.

According to a poll, the most reliable cars of all kinds were full hybrids, which have a battery recharged from the main combustion engine. Lisa Barber, editor of home products and services at Which Agency, said there was a "significant opportunity" for car manufacturers to "uplift their game" and provide drivers with more reliable cars.

She added: "We know drivers are keen to move to more environmentally friendly cars, but it is vital that they get a high-quality product". "With EVs in particular, our research shows that a premium price tag does not mean a reliable vehicle. Therefore, we would always encourage drivers to do their research before such a significant purchase, to see which cars and brands they can trust," Lisa concluded.

Over 48,000 people told Which Agency about the nearly 57,000 cars they own and drive. This number included 2,184 electric vehicles.

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