Mountains of Cyprus by car

Mountains of Cyprus by car

The sunny island of Cyprus is made for road trips. Mountains, forests, beaches, and salty air will be your main companions wherever you go. The GetRentacar team has prepared several car routes, and you will find "the one" for sure. We've already traveled along the southern Cypriot coast in this article, and today we're going on a trip through the mountains!Cyprus is a small island with a special unhurried atmosphere. Here you have to enjoy every moment of the journey with no rush. That's why we recommend you rent a car and avoid wasting time waiting for the right bus and the hassle of finding a suitable cab. The best service for car rental — GetRentacar. We offer cars from local owners, and therefore we have the best prices. In addition, you can get a discount by using a special promo VALENTINA5. Finding a suitable car is easy: go to the GetRentacar website, pick the location and dates of rental, and then choose the car you like. So, let's get ready for the mountain trip! The total length of the route is 206 kilometers. For experienced drivers, this distance may seem too easy, but it has many unexpected turns so the driver needs to be attentive all the time. It is best to have at least two days for the trip, so you will be able to make a safe ride and do some walking, hiking, and resting. However, if you decide to spend the night on the road, be prepared that the local hotels don’t offer high service and rich decorations, although they are quite expensive. The road itself will pass through a green forest, which is strikingly different from the usual seascape of the island. Unspoiled nature, fresh air, and stunning views — what else do you need for a vacation? Let's get ready to go!

Points of the route

Polis — Kykkos Monastery — Pedoulas village — Mount Olymbos — Platres village — Limassol — Larnaca

Starting point: Polis

Our journey begins in the ancient town of Polis. It is ideal to relax before a long journey, there is a great variety of restaurants, bars, and stores. In the old town, you can see the 16th-century church and the sculpture exhibition. But it is time to go to the mountains of Troodos! The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the immense greenery and the peculiar mountain smell. After the sun-drenched plants of the coast, the greenery of the mountains seems incredibly lush.

Kykkos Monastery

The route to the first location is not a short one — 57 mountain kilometers. There are plenty of places to rest along the way, so you will have many possibilities to have a rest, to eat a snack, or to do a little walk. After a couple of hours, we arrive at Kykkos monastery. It was founded at the end of the 11th century by the Byzantine emperor Alexios II Komnenos, and according to the legend in one of the caves lived the old hermit Isaiah. The monastery keeps working to this day, so follow the established rules of the dress code: cover your shoulders, legs, and head. Visiting the monastery is free, but you have to pay to enter the museum.

Village Pedoulas

At a distance of 18 kilometers from the monastery a mountain village Pedoulas locates. This is a truly heavenly place, protected on all sides by mountains. If you decide to come here in May, you will be astonished by the beauty of hundreds of blooming cherry trees. Especially fantastic it looks at sunset — endless "snow drifts", colored by the pink light of the setting sun. Also in the village, you can visit the Church of Archangelos Michail and the Byzantine Museum.

Mount Olymbos

Our next destination is Mount Olymbos. It is easy to get lost on the way up because there are no signs. To get to the viewpoint, turn onto a country road before reaching the checkpoint gate. However, the road to the point is narrow and broken, and if you don't want to risk it, you can walk. In addition, there are many hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty. The mountain itself is incredibly picturesque and it is a pleasure to walk there. On the top, you can see coniferous forests, the sea on the horizon, and numerous orchards and several small villages.

Village of Platres

Our next stop is the village Platres. On the road, you will meet the village Troodos and the church of St. George. Platres is the most ancient on the whole island, it's an incredibly picturesque corner of Cyprus, which has authentic taverns, nice hotels, and pleasant stores. In ancient times, when Cyprus was conquered by the British, many residences, villas, and other buildings were built here. It's a real pleasure to walk here! And for those who have enough time, you can spend the night in Platres.


The mountains are left behind, ahead are the major tourist cities. The first of them is Limassol. This city has a perfect combination of historical monuments and modern tourist amenities. All monuments of architecture are compactly located in the center and if you want you can easily get around on foot. Don't hurry to leave without a stroll along the city's waterfront and a cup of coffee with the sounds of seagulls.


The final point of the trip is the city of Larnaca. It is the best place to have a rest after the trip! There are a lot of beaches, restaurants, and cafes, beautiful ancient buildings, some of which are more than 700 years old! Also pay attention to the temples, monasteries, and knightly fortresses. There is a lot to see here!

Our journey through the mountains of Cyprus is finished. Don't forget to check out our route along the south coast of the island. And for a comfortable trip, get a car with GetRentacar service.

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