Mitsubishi ASX: an elegant SUV in a new shell

Mitsubishi ASX: an elegant SUV in a new shell

The ASX lineup has undergone several changes. The latest variation of 2020 made "plastic surgery" and looks more cheerful than its "ancestor".

In the ASX family of crossovers, 3 generations are distinguished, each of which borrowed the best features of its predecessor and supplemented them with more modern materials, technologies and design.


The third incarnation of the ASX is a kind of samurai SUV, which received a more aggressive front end due to the slightly slanted "squint" of the headlights and a more boxy design. The model has become more serious and even visually "older", retaining the distinctive features of the entire line. Expressive fenders, powerful bumpers and a toned contour of this five-door have remained almost unchanged. Ground clearance varies from 195 mm to 215 mm for front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variations, respectively. You won't take part in a rally on such a car, but an average lousy off-road is passed without problems. The model also retains the distinctive fin aerial wire on the roof, which adds a bit of predilection.


Despite its impressive size, the SUV inside is rather shy and modest. Under the hood is a four-cylinder engine with 16 GDM valves. The basic version holds 1.6 liters, the "charged" version - 2 liters. Power for 6000 rpm varies from 117 to 150 "horses", and the available torque from 154 to 197 Nm. Not very serious numbers for such a car. Nevertheless, the engine copes with its task quite tolerably. From still to a hundred, a Japanese SUV squeezes out on average in 11.5 seconds. If you continue to step on, then sooner or later the arrow will freeze at 190 km / h. In a gentle mixed driving mode, the SUV consumes 6 to 8 liters of high-octane fuel for every 100 kilometers.


As for the interior, the ASX is definitely good here. The salon is spacious, partly even massive. The large dashboard is complemented by a comfortable vertical console. All conditions have been created for passengers - the rear sofa is spacious, 3 adults can easily fit here. The driver's and navigator's seats can be equipped with heating, the density of the seat filling is moderate, so even long trips are easily tolerated.

Rent Mitsubishi ASX

ВIn general, the ASX lineup did not become as popular as the same Outlander, but its advantages are obvious and convincing. The SUV feels great in the city and beyond, copes with country roads without any problems, even despite the relatively low clearance. If you are looking for a comfortable car for traveling with a large company, try the ASX. It and some similar models can be rented using our website, and numerous tools and filters will allow you to find a car according to the criteria you need. Make your trip as pleasant and comfortable as possible with Mitsubishi ASX.

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