Mistakes of tourists when renting a car abroad

Mistakes of tourists when renting a car abroad

The idea of renting a car while on holiday abroad no longer seems unusual to anyone. However, despite the fact that every year thousands of tourists rent cars in other countries, many still do not know all the subtleties of renting a car and make various mistakes that sometimes cost them a considerable amount. In this article, we will tell you about the five most popular mistakes that people make when renting a car abroad.

Book a car on the spot

If you do not book a car in advance in order to take it on the spot at some small rental company, hoping to save money, then know that you risk being left without a car at all. In high season, cars are disassembled very quickly. In addition, booking a car in advance, you can save a decent amount of money.

Do not read additional terms

Sometimes, when returning a car, conscientious tourists are presented with a receipt that they did not expect to receive. And then it turns out that they did not read the additional terms in the contract, which, for example, set the mileage for rent. Due to inattention, you will have to pay for every extra kilometer. To avoid such situations, always read the entire agreement.

Take a car for one person, and drives another

If your car is stopped by the traffic police and the wrong person is driving, you will be fined or even confiscated. Make sure that you include all potential drivers in the contract. This way you can avoid conflicts with the local police.

They don't examine the car

Before you take the car, be sure to check it for scratches and other damage. It is best to capture everything by photo and make sure that all possible shortcomings are recorded in the documents for the car. Otherwise, when you return the car, you will have to pay for the damage that you did not cause.

Do not call the police in an accident

Many people, after getting into an accident, first call the company where they rented the car. There they can be told that the police do not need to be called, because the insurance will cover everything. Most believe this and leave the scene. This should not be done in any case, since the insurance will not work without a special form drawn up by the police. And people who did not call the police and left, after some time, will be charged money for damage to the car and traffic violations.

In renting a car abroad, there are some nuances that should not be forgotten. Be on your guard and don't make the listed mistakes!

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