Magna takes aim at distracted driving

Magna takes aim at distracted driving

Canada-based company Magna said it has received a high-volume global order from a German automaker to supply its driver and passenger monitoring system starting in 2024.

According to Magna, the rapid global growth of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) points to the fact that driver monitoring is one of the most important safety tasks and functions. The company also claims that it is "overtaking" Euro NCAP and other safety requirements with its development.

How does Magna's monitoring system work?

Advanced software tracks the driver's head, eye, and body movements to help detect signs of distracted behavior, drowsiness, and fatigue. What's more, the system has an in-car monitoring feature that allows it to track not only the driver but also the actions and presence of other passengers in the car.

What does the monitoring system include?

All elements of the system are built into the cabin mirror. To be more precise, a high-resolution camera, infrared emitters, and a Magna digital control unit are integrated into it.

Magna is sure that this way of placing the system is one of its main unique features. After all, this integration provides an improvement in compactness and style over existing solutions on the market today.

"Distracted driving remains one of the leading causes of automotive accidents worldwide, so driver monitoring is becoming standard safety technology in many markets," commented John O'Hara, president of Magna Electronics and Magna Mechatronics, Mirrors and Lighting. "Our recognized leadership and expertise in camera and mirror technology has enabled us to develop an innovative system solution that meets future Euro NCAP and GSR requirements and optimizes space, style, and cost."

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