Lo-Res Concept  a futuristic version of Lamborghini Countach

Lo-Res Concept a futuristic version of Lamborghini Countach

Have you ever seen a Lamborghini Countach? Imagine if it was way more angular and you’ll get a Lo-Res Concept — an abstract prototype of the Italian supercar.

Creator of Lo-Res, United Nude founder Rem D. Koolhaas, designed this concept for promotional purposes, but further, it became more than just part of advertising. Car enthusiasts wanted to bring the future closer and breathe life into this mind-blowing low-resolution Lamborghini so United Nude gave it all attributes to be driven. 

There are four prototypes of the Lo-Res Car that are composed of 12 tinted polycarbonate panels and powered by a 5-kilowatt electric motor paired with a single-speed transmission.

The Interior also may be fascinating. The remote-control clamshell bodywork raises to reveal fixed tandem seating made from polished metal with ribbed black upholstery. To make the interior look more like a cryo capsule, there are light bars on either side and a futuristic driver's control panel that includes an ignition switch and battery charge indicator. Probably the most unusual feature is the chrome hexagonal steering wheel.

All four prototypes had belonged to Petersen Automotive Museum until one of them was listed for sale at Bring a Trailer Auction and finally sold for an unbelievable price — $111,111. The Petersen Museum affirms that 50 percent will be used to maintain the museum's car collection, with the other 50 percent will be donated to an environmental organization Energy Independence Now.

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